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New Skate Product, Santa Cruz -

There's a reason they're still going strong! With a delivery of juicy new Santa Cruz decks landing this week, we thought we'd drill down into just one of those reasons: Read more

New Skate Product, Santa Cruz -

If you have no interest in small skateboards Then today, you're better off scrolling down to the last pic. However, if you have a son, daughter, niece, nephew, mates with any of the above, really small feet, or simply enjoy our ramblings...... Read more

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*Grabbing of Danielle or Matt will not be tolerated What's more exciting? The fact that you could be the proud new owner of all of this skate gear for a mere charitable donation by way of raffle tickets... Or the prospect of skating with... Read more

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Absolute bedlam in here today.Last night we had some late night intruders make it into the shop. The whole thing is on CCTV but the identities are... somewhat hard to make out.See for yourself: 

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*Other flavour treats are available For many of you reading this, Adam would have chatted to you on the phone and lovingly packed your order - he did it for a decade!And what more could we ask for to get into the Christmas spirit than a big... Read more

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Let's face it. Deep down, we all want to be this guy... And in our ever-evolving quest to help you achieve your dreams, we are Read more

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The "new" Santa Cruz boards are worth a special look. The Cruz Missile II concave was developed in the eighties to hit vert and transition. We like both of those things, so we were stoked to see Santa Cruz bringing it back in their latest line of reissues!... Read more