Best Cheap Longboard Upgrades

How can I make my longboard skate better?

...Is a question we get asked A LOT.

Often a customer will come in with cheap longboard that they have bought off eBay or Amazon.

While a cheap longboard complete like this is ok to get you rolling, we find that very quickly (sometimes just after a day or two!), skaters realise that they could be having a lot more fun with a nicer setup.

We understand that many skaters are on a tight budget. So we've compiled a list of the best value upgrades for your cheap longboard, which we think represent the most bang for your buck.

(Top tip - if you're still rolling on no-name or low quality trucks, this is the thing to upgrade first!)


Under £10 - Bushings

Often overlooked, bushings are probably the single most important part of your longboard. Unfortunately it's also the area where cheaper longboard brands tend to skimp the most! A cheap set of trucks with premium bushings won't be quite as nice as a full new set of trucks, but it'll be close, and at less than half the cost.

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Under £20 - Bearings

A fresh set of bearings won't make as much of a difference as you might think, but it's still well worth it if your current set are getting on a bit. Sabre Built-In Race Bearings are by far the best value on the shelves right now - they last forever, roll super smooth, easy cleanable to clean and the built-in spacer gives a longer life with less chatter than regular skate bearings.

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Under £40 - Wheels

A lot of cheaper longboards come set up with "SHR" (Super High Rebound) or "HR" (High Rebound) wheels. This is really another way of saying "cheap ureathane that doesn't roll very fast, or slide very nicely." You can significantly increase the roll speed, grip or slideability with a fresh set of wheels poured from a premium urethane - and the best value we have right now is the Cult Classic 66mm. There's a lot of other options though - check out our longboard wheel guide for more info!

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Under £60 - Trucks

A pair of decent trucks is by far the best value upgrade for your cheap longboard complete. Cheap longboards tend to come equiped with sloppy, die cast trucks with crap bushings and loose fitting pivot cups - the result is what we call "janky!" You will not believe how much better your board will feel with a pair of Sabre Standard 180mm Trucks with high-end pivots, high-rebound bushings and gravity-cast construction.

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UNDER £100

Under £100 - Setup Kit

If you really want to make a difference, but can't afford to step up to a whole new complete, our Longboard Setup Kits are the comprehensive upgrade package you need. With Sabre Standard trucks, Cult Classic wheels, Sabre Built-In Bearings and a new hardware pack, our Pro Setup Kit will make your board feel like a £180 complete - for less than £100!

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