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Welcome to our longboard sale section! Here you will find all the currently discounted longboards and cruiser boards, plus a load of other skate gear, that we have in our shop. Snaffle yourself a bargain!

How much does a longboard cost?

Be wary of spending too little on your first longboard. You will struggle to find a decent setup for less than £100. Cheaper longboards may seem like a good deal, but the reality is that they are poorly designed and assembled and will not skate well compared to a "Real" setup.

If you buy a cheap board, it will not skate as good, you will have less fun, and probably skate a lot less. We exist to get more people stoked on skating longboards - selling cheap setups that don't work doesn't stoke out anyone.

For a full and detailed strip down of a cheap longboard, and comparison againist a proper setup, check out this article: Are cheap longboards (under £100) worth buying?

Are longboards good for beginners?

Longboards are perfect for beginners! With wider and longer decks, more stability, more footspace and a faster roll speed, getting on a longboard is a great way to learn all kinds of skateboarding.

if you're just starting out, check out our "longboards for beginners" page - all the info you need to get rolling!

Why are longboards better than skateboards?

Longboards are way better than skateboards for cruising on. Big, soft wheels roll over cracks and rough surfaces far better than smaller, harder skateboard wheels. Longboards turn more like a surfboard or a snowboard too, so you can get that carving feeling without waves or a lift pass!

What is the best longboard brand?

There are a lot of longboard brands out there now, but we strongly believe it's worth avoiding cheaper boards like this or no-name longboards you find on Amazon. We only stock the good stuff from brands like Lush Longboards, Landyachtz, Arbor, Santa CruzD-Street Loaded and many other longboard brands to name a few!

We help skaters set up new completes every day, so if you want some advice on a custom longboard setup, you are in the right place!

Help... I don't know what to get!

Check out our longboard or our cruiser board buyer's guide for some quick suggestions!

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  1. Landyachtz Stratus Spectrum 46

    Landyachtz Stratus Spectrum 46"

    1 review
  2. Lush Longboards Nomad

    Lush Longboards Nomad

    11 reviews
  3. Lush Longboards Throttle

    Lush Longboards Throttle

    4 reviews
  4. Hackbrett Longboards Schnelle Medium

    Hackbrett Longboards Schnelle Medium

  5. Landyachtz Tony Danza Spectrum

    Landyachtz Tony Danza Spectrum

  6. Loaded Bhangra V2

    Loaded Bhangra V2

    4 reviews
  7. Loaded Omakase

    Loaded Omakase

    2 reviews
  8. Orangatang Cage Wheels 73mm

    Orangatang Cage Wheels 73mm

  9. Hackbrett Longboards Wasser

    Hackbrett Longboards Wasser

    2 reviews
  10. Lush Longboards Legend

    Lush Longboards Legend

    17 reviews

Welcome to our longboard sale section! In addition to the items above, there are four ways we can help you get your longboard gear for less:

Longboard gear on Sale

We always have a few longboard-related items going cheap on sale. Have a look below for the current selection. If you're looking for a new set of longboard wheels on clearance, a fresh set of bearings, some new trucks, or your slide gloves are toast - check back regularly to see what we have!

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