Pantheon Supersonic Bamboo Distance Longboard Deck

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Pantheon Supersonic Bamboo Distance Longboard Deck

The Pantheon Supersonic is a deck like no other in our shop, and perhaps out there in the world!

This is a board made for covering long distances. Why?

Low platform

The less your board-leg has to squat each time you push, the further you're going to go for the same effort. What's not to like about that? You can see similar with other Pantheon boards like the Trip and the Nexus, but the Supersonic looks a bit different, due to the...

Wedged truckmounts

The crazy angles at the front and back? That's where your trucks go, and they're extreme!

The front wedge is 15 degrees - add that to your truck baseplate angle to see what you've got. That'd make a 50 degree Bear Truck into a 65 degree - super turny for the amount of lean, and absolutely perfect for pumping - propelling yourself forwards by carving side to side. It's super fun, and it uses different muscles to pushing meaning that long day out on a board simply breezes by.

At the back you have two options - the rear-most being a -17 degree wedge. If you take 17 degrees off your back truck (and typically Pantheon recommends a lower degree such as a 40 or 43 on the back) you're getting way down towards 20 degrees.

That means its super stable - the back truck is just following along more how a car or lorry handles. You can push as hard as you like, even with the wobbly front truck, and you'll be solid as a rock. For pumping, you'll have pure drive from the back with no energy loss.

If you're feeling really adventurous and want the absolute maximum pumpability, you can flip your rear truck and mount it on the inner option, a -40 degree wedge...

Big wheel clearance

With a standard setup of ~50 degree trucks on the front, you can ride huge wheels without a problem. The Pantheon Karma 92mm is confirmed to go under without the need to riser at all.

Big wheels means less time spent pushing and more time spent rolling! Once they're up to speed, you can sit there effortlessly - give it an extra push or a bit of a pump now and then, and you can go all day. Amazing.


Bamboo cores sandwiched between fibreglass top and bottom... it's light, strong, and they've been able to adjust the flex super accurately by milling the cores down within 0.5mm.

Flex options

Pantheon recommends the following. If you are close to the upper limit of the bracket, go for a flex up unless you really want a flexy board. Beware that this can bottom out, and won't last as long as a thicker board.

Light: Up to 77kg

Medium: 68kg - 94kg

Heavy: 85kg - 108kg

The Pantheon Supersonic really is in a class of its own - but that much you can tell just by looking at it. The joy you'll get from zooming down the cycle path effortlessly, well, you'll have to give it a go to truly understand.

Is this deck gripped? Yes
Length 36.5" / 92.7cm See similar length boards
Width 9.0" / 22.9cm See similar width boards
Wheelbase 25.0" / 63.5cm - 30.0" / 76.2cm See boards with a similar wheelbase
Nose Length 0.0" / 0.0cm
Tail Length 0.0" / 0.0cm
Truck Mounting Topmount
Deck Flex Flexy
Concave Mild Concave
Deck construction Bamboo, Fibreglass
Profile Camber, Drop down

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