Longboard Trucks

Longboard Trucks

Longboard trucks are what make your board turn! 

You need two trucks for your longboard, and there's a variety of different characteristics you can choose from that will affect how your board feels, including hanger or axle width, baseplate angle, and hanger rake.

Longboard trucks or skateboard trucks?

Although vaguely similar to skateboard trucks, longboard trucks are generally wider to match wider deck widths, have the kingpin placed in front of the hanger at a shallower angle than a regular skate truck to enhance turn and stability.

Longboard trucks are often called "RKP" (or "Reverse KingPin") trucks for this reason.

Whilst you can put regular skateboard trucks on your longboard, we recommend that you use proper longboard trucks for any deck with a wheelbase over 20 inches or so. Your longboard will turn better and be more stable than if you use regular skateboard trucks - what's not to like?!?

In contrast, if you have a regular skate deck or a cruiserboard - something with a wheelbase under 20" or so - then you need a set of regular 'ol skate trucks. 

We call these "Street Trucks" or even "TKP" (Traditional KingPin) trucks too.

Tuning, maintaining and upgrading your longboard trucks

We usually recommend a new pair of trucks to as the best value upgrade to a cheap longboard complete, you will not believe how much better a £50 set of branded trucks makes your board feel!

However if you can't quite stretch to that, many skaters find that upgrading bushings and pivot cups makes a big difference to their ride.

You can use harder bushings and bigger bushings to restrict turn for downhill and speed, and softer bushings to increase turn for cruising, dancing and slalom. Check out our longboard bushing selection for more info!

We have a range of trucks from Sabre, Paris and Independent right now, which covers all the bases from a solid street truck right up to precision downhill longboard trucks.

We also stock a wide range of other truck spares - axle nuts, washers, and speed rings - as well as bolts and risers to mount them to your deck. Here's our Trucks Spares selection.

 If you have any questions about our range of trucks, just get in touch!