Drop-Through Longboards

Drop-Through Longboards

Drop-through longboards are great: low, easy to skate, and super-functional, they tick a lot of boxes for beginners. We stock the best brands on the market, with choices at every price point - check out our selection above!

What is a drop through longboard?

Drop through longboards are a little different to regular longboards and cruiser boards. The trucks are mounted "through" the deck, instead of bolted straight to the underside. This allows the board to be much lower, which makes it easier to push, easier to footbrake, and more predictable to slide. You can learn more here!

Are drop-through longboards good for cruising?

Yes - drop-throughs are perfect for cruising! Their low ride height makes them super-easy to push and stop, so they're easy to ride. Because of this, you'll find that they offer a much comfier and easier ride over longer distances, too.

Do I need special drop-through longboard trucks?

No - you can use any regular longboard truck. Just take the hanger off, mount the baseplate onto the top of the deck, and put the hanger back on again - voila! You do need to use regular longboard trucks (RKP trucks) rather than street (skateboard) trucks though.

Can you do tricks on a drop-through longboard?

Drop-through longboards are not great for tricks, if we're honest. There's less room for dancing footwork, and they often have a very small nose/tail, so manuals and popping the board up is harder. Some drop-throughs have kicktails, but if tricks is really what you want, get a longboard dancer.

What is the difference between a drop-through and a pintail?

In terms of how they skate - pintails offer a slightly less functional but more flowing ride. Drop-through longboards have the benefits of a lower ride height, so they're easier to skate, but longer pintails have more space for your feet and as they're topmounted, give a "surfier" turn.

Our advice would be - if you see yourself getting into sliding, speed, downhill or distance skating - get a drop-through longboard. If you are buying a longboard because they look cool*, if you eventually want to get into dancing, or you surf or snowboard and can appreciate the finer points of carving, get a pintail.

You can learn more about drop-through's and see our recommendations in our longboard beginners guide right here!

*Not gonna lie... studies have proven** that skating a longboard will increase your cool level by a factor of 20!

**Ok, no studies actually prove this... but we all know it's true!