Soft Skateboard Wheels

Soft Skateboard Wheels

If you have an old skate board that you want to turn into a cruiser board, you need some small soft wheels - like these!

Small, round and perfectly formed, we've got a decent range of smaller longboard wheels and larger, softer skateboard wheels to do exactly that.

Check out our Cruiser Board Setup Kits if you need bearings, risers and bolts too!

Can I put longboard wheels on a skateboard?

Yes!! But watch out for wheelbite. Generally we would recommend a set of shockpads at 60mm and under, if you're going bigger than that then you probably need a set of 1/2" risers and longer bolts.

We wouldn't go much bigger than 66mm on a regular skate deck, even with wheel wells. But you might get away with it depending on your truck setup.