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We have a lot of cruiser boards to choose from in the shop right now - finding the right one for you can be confusing!

So to help, here's an easy list of our favourites from the shop cruiserboard rack - think of it as "Editor's Picks!"

  1. Lush Longboards Fuel
  2. D-Street Atlas
  3. D-Street Nautical
  4. Lush Longboards Dagyr
  5. Landyachtz Dingy
  6. Lush Longboards Swift
  7. Loaded Omakase

If you want to know more, here's a list of the questions we get asked the most by skaters like you!

Lush Longboards Fuel

The Fuel is a really nice, slightly larger cruiserboard, aimed at kids and smaller adults.

The Deck

The Lush Fuel is only 0.5" longer than the D-Street Atlas, but it feels much bigger than that underfoot as it has a flat nose and wider, fuller shape. A longer wheelbase and mellow concave create a more fogiving ride compared to a lot of otehr boards this length, and a proper skateboard kicktail make this a fully functional cruiser skateboard if ollies are your thing. Wheel wells and a classy woodgrain graphic finish the deck off.

Wheels, Trucks, & Bearings

Like a lot of Lush boards, the Fuel is available in two build options, so you can choose to suit your budget. Both the Pro and Elite setups are stacked out with aftermarket parts from Cult Wheels and Sabre Trucks.

The Elite build is rolling on the legendary Cult Chronicle wheels, which at 65mm are a little bigger than wheels you would usually find on boards this size. This creates a faster top speed and better rollover, eating rougher surfaces for breakfast. Spinning on Sabre's Built-In Labyrinth Bearings for a maintenance-free, super fast ride, this is a premium mini-cruiser setup and no mistake. Sabre's capable Street Trucks do the turning, specced with Sabre's own aftermarket bushings for deep carves and a responsive turn.

Like the Elite, the Pro Fuel build is turning on Sabre trucks and bushings, but to keep the price down Lush have specced cheaper ABEC5 metal-shielded bearings and smaller Cult Nova wheels. Poured from the same urethane as the Chronicle, just a little smaller, they're a great little cruiser wheel.

How does it ride?

This is a great option if you want to keep the ultra-portability of a smaller mini cruiser, but want a little more room for your feet. The fuller shape and slightly longer wheelbase give a more forgiving ride than a lot of other boards this size, making it perfect for beginners.

Reasons to get thisTry another board
  • Nicely finished, and good value cruiser board from a premium UK brand
  • Choose your setup to suit your budget
  • A little larger board feel without the extra length - still very portable and light, just a little easier to skate
  • Aftermarket components are a real step above stock wheels and trucks at this price point
  • Like all mini-cruisers it's not great for going fast on!
  • Nothing else to moan about really... the Fuel is a great choice for beginners and expereinced skaters alike!

D-Street Atlas

Available in a slew of different colours, the Atlas is a great value little mini-cruiser for kids and smaller adults.

The Deck

The D-Street Atlas is pressed from hardrock maple in a regular skateboard mold, so it has a little nose and full-sized kicktail. At 28"x7.25", this is defintely in mini-cruiser territory and is best suited to kids rather than adults. Wheel wells prevent wheelbite, and a full gripjob with a top logo is simple and classy.

Wheels, Trucks, & Bearings

The Atlas is set up with a fairly basic undercarriage - mid-spec wheels and bearings are reasonably quick with room to upgrade. The trucks are good, they feature super-soft bushings and really turn when you lean on them

How does it ride?

This board is clearly aimed at smaller and lighter riders, and it's a great starter board for a younger skater looking to learn the bascis of skateboarding. We'd go for something a little bigger if you're a fully-gown adult though.

Reasons to get thisTry another board
  • Nicely finished, and good value
  • Good truck setup with a lot of turn compared to other boards at this price point
  • Available in a few different colours
  • Smaller size suits kids really well
  • A bit small for adults
  • Not the greatest wheels and bearings - but good enough for the price

D-Street Nautical

At 29" x 8.8", the D-Street Nautical is a little bigger than the Atlas. With a swallowtail and pointy nose, it's a good value surf-style cruiser skateboard.

The deck

Pressed with a very mellow concave, flat nose and a kicktail, the Nautical has enough room for anybody's feet. Wheel wells help to prevent wheelbite, full griptape coverage is simple and effective, and the deck features a nice woodstain graphic.

Wheels, Trucks, & Bearings

Like D-Street's other offerings, the Nautical features a cheaper undercarriage setup. However, for the price, we can't really fault the own-brand wheels and trucks, and the metal-sheilded bearings work well as long as you don't get them wet.

How does it ride?

The Nautical is a great little cruiser board. The mellow concave is very comfortable underfoot, especially over a distance. The swallowtail kicktail may not be as functional as a proper skateboard tail, but it's enough to allow kickturns and the odd ollie. The flat nose gives a bit more deck space than a lot of other cruisers, giving a suprisingly roomy foot platform considering its only 29" long.

Reasons to get thisTry another board
  • Features little bit more room, without going to a full-sized longboard
  • Surf-style vibe
  • Really good value with room to upgrade the undercarriage
  • Swallowtail isn't as durable as a regular skateboard tail
  • The wheels, trucks and bearings aren't the best - but look at the price!!

Lush Longboards Dagyr

A full-sized skate cruiser, the Dagyr is a great cruiser that'll skate your local bowls or ramps with a siple wheel change.

The Deck

Pressed from 100% Canadain hardrock maple, the Dagyr deck is really right up there with the best quality maple decks on the market. Fat old-school fish shape with a full nose and tail are perfect for bombing around the streets. The Dagyr also features a second set of drill holes at the nose, so you can adjust your wheelbase to just where you want it.

Wheels, Trucks, & Bearings

Built with Sabre Street Trucks and Mini-Logo wheels, this is a premium setup, and exceptionally good value compared to other completes at this price point.

How does it ride?

The Dagyr is a step beyond a lot of other mini-cruisers, in that it's a fully rippable skateboard as well as a cruiser. If you come from a skating background, this is the board you need to get from A to B.

Reasons to get thisTry another board
  • Old-school fish shape goes in a bowl as well as on the streets as a cruiser
  • Pressed from proper Canadian maple... it'll take a beating!
  • Mellow concave and full-sized nose and tail are very comfortable underfoot
  • Big 65mm wheels have a lot of rollover compared to other skate cruisers
  • Quality undercarriage at a good price
  • Those big wheels give a relatively high ride height
  • At 9.5" wide, it's a bit big for smaller skaters

Landyachtz Dingy

The smaller of Landyachtz two cruiser sizes (the other being the larger Tugboat), the Dingy is a quality premium cruiser board for all ages.

The Deck

Landyachtz are Canadian, so this is 100% Canadian Maple. A solid feeling deck, with a good bit of space, wheel wells and a decent tail, the Dingy has everything you need in a cruiser deck. Landyachtz design their own concaves, and the Dingy has a very mild 3D profile, elimitating wheelbite and creating a very ergonomic ride.

Wheels, Trucks, & Bearings

Built with solid aftermarket Bear Trucks and Hawgs Wheels, this is a quality board and no mistake. The bearings are Bear's "Spaceballs," with a rubber shield for easy cleaning. A premium setup!

How does it ride?

The Dingy is very popular, with good reason... it's a very well thought out complete, clearly designed by skaters looking for perfection in their product. It's not the cheapest cruiser board out there, but when you consider that it's a custom concave with all aftermarket components, it's hella good value.

Reasons to get thisTry another board
  • A lot of unique features, put together to make a well-thought out complete
  • Landyachtz plant a tree for every board they sell
  • Decent size is suitable for most folk
  • A good choice of graphics
  • Not the cheapest cruiser board, but you definitely get your money's worth!
  • Maybe a little on the large side for kids

Lush Longboards Swift

The Deck

A handcrafted chuck of hardwood awesomeness, the Swift is a true soul cruiser. A totally different kettle of fish to all the mass-produced cruisers in our shop, each Swift is pressed, cut, screened and finished 100% by hand in Bristol, UK.

Wheels, Trucks, & Bearings

A special deck like this deserves the best components out there, so the Swift is specced with Sabre Street Trucks and the huge Cult Road Warrior wheels. At 74mm, the wheels are more than 10mm bigger than most other mini-cruisers - this board rolls over anything!

How does it ride?

The lack of kicktail and concave is a real throwback compared to other cruiser boards - riding a Swift is like stepping back in time for a spot of sidewalk surfing! It feels super-solid underfoot, and it'll definitely turn heads wherever you go with it.

Reasons to get thisTry another board
  • Individually handmade from start to finish, each board oozes craftsmanship
  • Those monster Cults roll over anything!
  • Bigger wheelbase makes this a more solid and stable ride than a lot of other mini-cruisers
  • Looks to die for...
  • It's expensive. But hey... it's also handmade in the UK!
  • No kicktail, so no tricks or ollies
  • No concave and a relatively high ride height
  • It's a lot thicker and heavier than other cruisers

Loaded Omakase

At 33.5"x10", the Loaded Omakase is almost a "mini longboard" rather than a regular cruiser board. Or maybe it's a "cruiser for longboarders." Either way, this board has some distinct advantages over other cruiser boards and is worth a look.

The Deck

The Omakase has a composite/bamboo construction that wouldn't be out of place on one of Loaded's full sized longboards. It's a real step away from the maple used in other cruiser boards - lighter, flexier, and springier. Loaded have pressed in a mild rocker concave and a mellow kick to give a very comfortable and ergonomic ride - budget cruiser deck this is definitely not!

Wheels, Trucks, & Bearings

The Omakase has a longer wheelbase than all the other boards on this list, so it works with (RKP) longboard trucks as well as (TKP) traditional street trucks. So we offer two setup possibilities - one with Sabre aftermarket street trucks, and one with Sabre longboard trucks. Cult Wheels and Sabre bearings finish the package off - this is a fully premium custom complete!

How does it ride?

We think this is very close to the "sweet spot" between a cruiser board and a longboard. Cruisers can be a bit small for beginners - the Omakase has a little more space and stability. Longboards can be a bit big for some skaters - the Omakase is nice and compact. It's a little different to the other cruiserboards here, but if you can get your head round it and your pockets are deep enough, the Omakase might just be exactly what you are looking for.

Reasons to get thisTry another board
  • Longer than most cruisers, shorter than a longboard - the Omakase is a great all-round size for cruising about
  • Longboard construction and concave give a very comfortable and cruisy ride compared to other cruiser boards
  • Customisable setups with fully aftermarket components
  • Two graphics to choose from
  • It's a Loaded... not cheap! But this is a very special board, so if you can stretch to it you'll love it
  • The bamboo and glass construction might not be as durable as hardrock maple in a skatepark bowl situation
  • Might be a bit too big for smaller skaters

What is a cruiser skateboard?

Cruiser boards are around the size of a regular skateboard, but with bigger, softer wheels, and turny trucks. They're not designed so much for tricks like regular boards are, but instead they're meant for commuting and just cruising around.

Cruiser Boards Review

Are cruisers easier to ride than skateboards?

Cruisers are a little more forgiving than regular skateboards - they're easier to push, roll faster, turn more and have a more cushioned ride. They are often a little wider with a slightly longer wheelbase too, which makes them more predictable and roomy underfoot.

Should I get a cruiser board with a kicktail or without?

Most cruiserboards have kicktails, but some don't. Get a board with a tail if you want to ollie and kickturn. Get a cruiser without if you want a little more stability and space to stand - boards without tails have longer wheelbases which gives more footspace and mellower turning characteristics.

Cruiser Boards Review

What about Penny Boards?

Plastic cruisers like Penny boards are not as nice to skate as traditional wooden decks in our opinion. Plastic boards have no concave at all, which makes them a lot less secure to stand on, they're less durable and often come specced with crappy trucks and wheels too. We stopped making skateboards out of plastic in the early eighties for a reason...!

Cruiser Boards Review

Does cruiser wheel size make a difference?

Go for the biggest wheels you can without getting wheelbite! Big wheels roll over rough surfaces way better, which means that your board will be easier to push and roll further. We think 60-65mm is about right for a cruiser - bigger than that and the ride height starts getting a bit much.

Cruiser Boards Review

Are mini cruisers good for beginners?

Cruiser boards are perfect for learning the basics of skateboarding! You need to be able to push, stop, kickturn, tictac and turn with confidence before moving on to ollies and flips - and a cruiser board is as good as, or better than a regular skateboard at all of those things.

Should I get a longboard or a mini cruiser?

If you're a total beginner, there's no doubt that a longboard is easier to skate and get started on than a cruiser board. Yes, longboards are bigger and heavier to carry around, but they have a lot more room to stand on and are therefore a lot easier to get the hang of!

Minicruisers and cruiser boards can be suprisingly difficuly to ride at first, as they are generally very responsive. That being said, if you can already pop an ollie then you'll appreciate the kicktail on a cruiser board

Consider your environment, too...

Longboards are faster and more comfortable for longer distances, but in tight, busy urban spaces a cruiser board can be a bit easier to deal with. For example, if you are buying a board to cruise along the seafront with your mates, get a longboard. If your daily commute conists of skating a few hundred meters to the bus stop, a cruiser board would probably be be more suitable.

Check out our longboard buyer's guide for more!

Cruiser Boards Review

What size cruiser board should I get?

You can match your height and shoe size to a board size with good results. Shorter boards are better for smaller skaters, longer boards are better for taller. Choose a wider board for bigger feet, and a narrower board for smaller. Check out our guide on choosing the right board size for more!

Cruiser Boards Review