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We're stoked to be stocking Landyachtz decks! Landyachtz have been going a long time, and make a wide variety of shapes for every kind of longboarding.

Many Landyachtz boards are quite unusual in shape and concave. This is because they listen to skaters and really pay attention to detail. Landyachtz are great example of a longboard brand owned and driven by skaters, doing it right...

If you want something that Landyachtz make that you don't see here, give us a shout and we can get it in for you.

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Landyachtz: Landyachtz Stratus Chill Cat 46

Landyachtz Stratus Chill Cat 46"

Landyachtz: Landyachtz Drop Cat 38

Landyachtz Drop Cat 38"

Landyachtz: Landyachtz Switch 40

Landyachtz Switch 40" Eagle

Landyachtz: Landyachtz Switch 35

Landyachtz Switch 35" Eagle

Landyachtz: Landyachtz Stratus Faction 40

Landyachtz Stratus Faction 40"

Landyachtz: Landyachtz Stratus Faction Holofoil 46

Landyachtz Stratus Faction Holofoil 46"