UK Longboard Events 2023

Once you've found some local buddies to skate with (hint - check this page out!), you need to get out there to some events!

Skate events are the lifeblood of the scene - they are a great place to meet skaters from other parts of the country and a fun excuse to skate some different spots. The UK longboard scene has always had events at it's heart - be sure you get to some this year!

The UK longboard events calendar is starting to fill itself up again after Covid. Be sure to check back often as there's still more to come!

UK Longboard Events Calendar

What When Where Discipline
Hog Hill 6th - 7th May London Downhill, freeride, dance, slalom
Concrete Waves London 17th -21st May London Surfskate photography exhibition
Sick of Sewage Protest 20th May Nationwide Surfers Against Sewage protest
Docks Games 3 28th May London Dance, freestyle
Woolfwomen: Now or Never 8th June Exeter Film Premier plus Q&A
B-Town Board Fest 10th -11th June Brighton Dance, freestyle, games
Perfect Slide Jam 18th June Cardiff Freeride, slide
The Big Push and BBQ 25th June Edinburgh Distance
Vandem Crafternoon 29th June Bristol Re-painting your board!
Board Maintenance evening 11th July Bristol Freshen up your setup
Ultraskate 29th -30th July Kent 24 hour Long distance push
Customise your Griptape 3rd August Bristol Mostly cutting and sticking
Alex's Birthday Slide Jam 12th August London Sliding
Bristol Balloon Fiesta 12th -13th August Bristol Dancing/Freestyle
Tregz 2nd - 3rd September Wales Downhill
Bristol Board Meeting 9th September Bristol Distance
Castle Slide Jam 23rd -24th September Falmouth Slide, techslide, freeride
Hog Hill 14th -15th October London Downhill, freeride, dance, slalom

EU Longboard Events Calendar

What When Where Discipline