UK Longboard Events 2018

Once you've found some local buddies to skate with (hint - check this page out!), you need to get out there to some events!

Skate events are the lifeblood of the scene - they are a great place to meet skaters from other parts of the country and a fun excuse to skate some different spots. The UK longboard scene has always had events at it's heart - be sure you get to some this year!

The UK longboard events calendar is looking stronger than ever for 2018. Be sure to check back often as there's still more to come!

Check out the British Downhill Skateboarding Website for the UK longboard event news, info and newsletter signup!

Event Dates Website
Gurston Time Trail 4/3/2018 Email
Fumble in the valley 31/3/2018-1/4/2018 More info
Hog Hill - The Crackling 14-15/4/2018 More info
Ride the Dragon 25-27/5/2018 More info
Tregaron Race/Freeride 16-17/6/2018 More info
Hog Hill Summer Swine Stomp 14-15/7/2018 More info
Bo Peep Downhill 4/8/2018 More info
Bleek Race 1-2/9/2018 More info
Bolstestone Outlaw 6/10/2018 More info
Hogtoberfest 13-14/10/2018 More info
Skate to Escape 2-4/11/2018 More info
More Gurston Time Trial TBC Email
Bristol Board Meeting 2018 20/10/2018 More info