UK Longboard Events 2024

Once you've found some local buddies to skate with (hint - check this page out!), you need to get out there to some events!

Skate events are the lifeblood of the scene - they are a great place to meet skaters from other parts of the country and a fun excuse to skate some different spots. The UK longboard scene has always had events at it's heart - be sure you get to some this year!

The UK longboard events calendar is starting to fill itself up again after Covid. Be sure to check back often as there's still more to come!

UK Longboard Events Calendar

What When Where Discipline
Bristol Surfskate Meetup hosted by Vandem 27th April Victoria Park Skate Park, Bristol Surf skate
UK Ultraskate Warm Up 4th May East Sussex Distance - 20 mile ride
Hog Hill: The Crackling 11th -12th May London Slalom, Downhill, Dancing
UK Ultraskate Taster Session 18th May Deal, Kent Distance
BVR Slide Day 19th May Bridge Valley Rd, Bristol Beginner Sliding Lessons
Vandem: Board Maintenance evening 5th June Vandem Longboard Shop Look after your board!
Going for a roll #1 6th June Start: Vandem Longboard Shop Community cruise
Going for a roll #2 4th July Start: Vandem Longboard Shop Community cruise
UK Ultraskate 2024 13th -14th July Deal, Kent Distance
Ride the Dragon 25th -28th July Wales Downhill World Cup Race
Harewood Gravity Games 27th -28th July North Yorkshire Downhill, Luge, Soapbox
Going for a roll #3 1st August Start: Vandem Longboard Shop Community cruise
Vandem: Paint your board night 6th August Vandem Longboard Shop Paint your board!
Bristol Balloon Fiesta 10th August Ashton Court, Bristol Dancing
Tregaron Freeride 24th -25th August Tregaron, Wales Downhill Race and Freeride
Bristol Board Meeting 2024 8th September Bath then Bristol Charity distance & raffle
Hog Hill: Hogtoberfest (Autumn) 12th -13th October London Slalom, Downhill and Dancing

EU Longboard Events Calendar

What When Where Discipline
So you can Longboard Dance 30th -31st March Eindhoven, The Netherlands Dancing
Grosse Rando TBC Paris, France Distance
European Longboard Open TBC Bochum, Germany Dancing and Freestyle
LOZ OPEN RIDE 5th - 6th October Lausanne, Switzerland Dancing & Freestyle