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We are a skater-owned and skater run longboard and skateboard shop based in Bristol, UK. Our goals are:

  • To provide longboarders and skateboarders in Bristol and the rest of the UK the best shopping experience possible, both online and offline
  • To help our local skate scene grow and mature
  • To keep a solid selection of longboard and skateboard gear in stock and ready to buy, emphasising quality product that we know, trust, and feel comfortable recommending to you. We are good friends with most of the brands that we stock, and we only stock things that we'd skate ourselves!
  • To have as much fun as possible in everything we do!

You can visit us at our skate shop in Bristol, check out our online longboard gear buying guides and tutorials, shop for longboard gear online, check out our latest scene, event and product news on the Vandem Shop Blog, and call us for advice or a chat Mon-Fri, 9-5. Check the links below for more!

Latest from the Vandem Shop Blog

Gurston, Longboard Scene and Events -

It felt a little like Camelot weatherwise - in that it rained all the way to Gurston, and then stopped shortly after we got there, and quickly developed into a lovely warm day, with a healthy tailwind that swiftly and completely dried out the track. And then, just as we had everything nearly packed away, it started raining again!

However, despite the vagaries of the weather, and the track being used by farm machinery since the autumn, the surface was surprisingly good once dry, and enabled some excellent times to be achieved.

The hill saw a record number of...

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