Carver Surfskates

Carver Surfskates

You'll find Carver Trucks on the best surfskate brands - of the surfskates we stock, Carver, Arbor, Santa Cruz and Loaded all use the Carver CX and Carver C7.

The two Carver truck systems are very different In their approach and turn feel.

The Carver C7 is a "two axis" truck, with a castor pivot underneath what is essentially a regular skateboard truck. This allows for a radical "diving" turn, which makes C7-equipped surf skates feel very different to anything else out there.

The Carver CX is a more conventional truck in that it's only a single pivot axis, but the inline CNC'd pivot, opposed kinpin angle and very steep pivot angle create a unique feeling truck. The CX feels a a little less intense than the dual axis C7, but it's still a lot more turny than a regular skateboard, longboard or cruiser.

Both the C7 and the CX systems are designed to work with the Carver rear truck, which is really a very slack geometry skateboard truck with an inline CNC'd pivot.

Carver pretty much invented the surfskate concept - their trucks are widely regarded as the best out there!