Longboard Decks

Longboard Decks

We carry a selection of strong brands that cover all your longboarding needs, be it cruising, bowls, dancing, freeride, downhill race or sliding.

For longboards, we focus on Lush Longboards from the UK, Hackbrett from Germany, Loaded Boards from the USA, and more!

For street, bowls and skateparks, we carry a range of new and oldschool shapes from Santa Cruz, Flip Skateboards, Death Skateboards, Alien Workshop and Herion. More coming in all the time!

You can pair up any of these decks with Griptape and one of our Setup Kits for your ultimate custom ride - just add your choice of grip, a deck and a setup kit to your cart and we'll build it all up for you. 

We find the best way to pick the right deck is to choose what sort of longboarding you want to do, and go from there. Pick one:

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