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Our Commitment: Only the Best Brands.

This isn't a random Amazon affiliate website, listing any old brand regardless of quality and suitability...

We're a Real Skate Shop.

So we're very picky about which brands we stock.

We're skaters. We only stock things that we can stand behind 100% and genuinely recommend to you as the right tool for the job.

One of the reasons we run our shop is because it gives us the chance to work with some cool people and progressive, forward thinking businesses. We're good friends with most of the brands that you see here and believe that they stand for the same things we do - quality product, quality service, and giving back to the longboard scene.

We will not stock cheap rip-offs, or brands who we believe are just in it to make quick money. Longboarding needs love and nurturing to grow and prosper, and you will find these values reflected in the brands we stock.

Support the best brands in longboarding the right way - shop smart and vote with your wallet!


Our Top Longboard Brands Right Now

In no particular order:

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Lush Longboards

The UK's original longboard brand since 1999, Lush Longboards reperesent awesome value for money. Lush boards feature aftermarket components to build complete boards at every price point, and as they are UK-based they often work out cheaper than imported longboard brands.

Lush also do a lot for the UK longboard scene, so you know that your money is going straight back into making UK longboarding as fun and engaging as possible.

You can spec most Lush longboard builds depending on your budget, so there's something here for everyone from beginner right up to pro.

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Loaded Boards

Fresh out of California is Loaded Boards, with a lineup of premium carving, cruising and dancing decks. With a strong focus on quality, if you're looking for the best longboard brand out there, Loaded is certainly worth a look.

Loaded boards are pressed and CNC'd in house from a mixture of environmentally-friendly materials, and they put a lot of time into their concaves, profiles and shapes. If you buy a Loaded, you know you're getting a killer longboard!

As well as selling Loaded boards deck only, we build up custom completes using the finest aftermarket components we can find in the shop. If you want something special - get in touch!

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Landyachtz hail from Vancouver, and are responsible for some of the most innovative longboard and cruiser board shapes out there. Traditionally focussed on downhill and freeride, Landaychtz have branched out in recent times to include all sorts of longboards and cruisers.

We stock a growing selection of Landyachtz cruiser completes, and some of their decks too (which we build into custom completes). We frequently do special orders, so if there's something you want that you don't see on our site, tell us and we'll get it in for you.

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Arbor Longboards

Arbor are well known for their snowboards - but they also make cruisers, surfskates and longboards! Pressed from good wood and built up with premium components, Arbor is not a cheap brand but you are getting a quality product.

Arbor's longboards are a little narrower than those from other brands, so we generally recommend them to skaters with smaller feet.

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