All Our Longboard Brands

We're very picky about which longboard brands we stock.

We're skaters. We only stock things that we can stand behind 100% and genuinely recommend to you as the right tool for the job.

One of the reasons we run our shop is because it gives us the chance to work with some cool people and progressive, forward thinking businesses. We're good friends with most of the brands that you see here and believe that they stand for the same things we do - quality product, quality service, and giving back to the longboard scene.

We will not stock cheap rip-offs, or brands who we believe are just in it to make quick money. Longboarding needs love and nurturing to grow and prosper, and you will find these values reflected in the brands we stock.

Support the best brands in longboarding the right way - shop smart and vote with your wallet!

Check out our longboard buyers guides below for more info!