Orangatang Wheels and Bushings

Orangatang Wheels and Bushings

Orangatang know their urethane! We have a selection of their wheels and bushings available, special orders on request!

Orangatang helpfully colour-coordinate all their urethanes by durometer, so you easily pick the right one for you.

Orange is the softest at 80A. This is the grippiest duro that Orangatang pour, it's a fast, high-end US poured urethane so roll speed isn't a problem either. We recommend the Orange duro for most longboarders doing most kinds of skating.

Purple is the slightly harder duro at 83A. This has a slightly faster roll speed (although to be honest the Orange is planty fast for most people), at the expense of grip and a slightly harsher feeling ride. We recommend the purple duro for racers on very smooth surfaces, or sliders wanting to hold out their slides for longer.

You can check out more about the differences in durometer selection in our wheel guide.

Orangatang's "Nipple" bushings are coloored the same way, with Orange being the softest, Purple being the medium hardness, and Yelow being the super-hard duro. We recommend the Orange for more turn, and the Purple and Yellow for a more stable ride and heavier riders.