Orangatang Cage 73mm Longboard Wheels

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Huge thank you to Matt! Patient and very helpful, bought my first longboard and Matt really helped me find what was right for me and my size!

Orangatang Cage 73mm Longboard Wheels

The Orangatang Cage is the biggest of the 2nd generation Orangatang freeride wheels, released at the same time as the 66mm Keanu and the 69mm Kilmer. These wheels share a lot in common, allowing you to pick the size you need and know what you're getting.

The Cage is a bit more niche than its smaller brothers. Like the Keanu and Kilmer, it is a big-cored freeride wheel, centerset, and stonegound. Its intended use is sliding and freeride.

Rounded lips, big core, sugary urethane, and a stonegound contact patch should make this a super nice freeride wheel. But we have to say, it's not our usual choice recommendation for UK sliders and freeriders. Why? The size.

Bigger wheels roll faster than smaller wheels, especially over rough surfaces - but they're also heavier and the urethane flexes more, which makes them less controllable in a slide. At 73mm, the Cage is bordering on a little bit too big for it's intended use, in our opinion, certainly at the speeds you will encounter in the UK. If you're going to the Alps or somewhere, then the Cage would be a great choice - more comfortable at speed than its smaller brothers, a more "planted" feeling from the wider contact patch, and more urethane will last you longer.

The Cage is also a better cruiser wheel than the Keanu and Kilmer, although most longboard cruiser setups suit a grippier wheel than this (perhaps an In Heat or a 4President). If you wanted a solid all-round longboard wheel with a bit less grip, then the Cage could be the one for you though.

The Cage is available in three duros:

  • 80A (Orange) - this is the best - and possibly only - duro of this wheel really worth considering. A great faster freeride wheel, with a modicum of braking power, the release is smooth, it lasts for ages, and is a lot of fun if you have a hill long enough. Also a great longboard cruising wheel, probably faster than the cheaper wheels that your complete came stock with.
  • 83A (Purple) - a harder wheel to like and enjoy, really... we can see that this might be awesome on butter-smooth Californian surfaces, but here in the UK it's a bit harsh and the transition between grip and slip can be a bit sudden. They are fast though, and more durable than the 80A. If you are a heavier slider and you like bigger wheels, this could be the one for you.
  • 86A (Yellow) - we don't know what Orangatang were thinking here, really... this is very hard for a wheel of this diameter and intended use, and it's a bit wide and tall for a technical slide wheel. Super fast, really long-lasting and really slidey... we can get them if you want!

As you can probably tell, the Cage isn't our favorite wheel in the Orangatang Wheels lineup. If you are looking to slide, we'd recommend the smaller Kilmer or Keanu instead. If you want to cruise, then the grippier 4President or In Heat is probably more your thing. The phrase "jack-of-all-trades, master of none" springs to mind. 

The other way to think of this wheel is it's a really, really awesome, updated Kryptonics 70mm Classic poured from even better urethane, which as anyone who remembers them will tell you, was a seriously good wheel. For specific applications, you can certainly do better, but if it's versatility you want, this is a really good upgrade to a stock complete.


Orangatang Cage







Contact patch


Great for

Sliding, cruising





Urethane formula

Peachy Thane

Urethane colour

Orange, Purple or Yellow


Big core

Core position


Core colour


Spacer size


Weight (each)


Made in



Useful Extra Info

All wheels sold in packs of four.

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