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Success /səkˈsɛs/noun: the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.Our aims last weekend: Get the maximum amount of beginners sliding Drag old mates out onto... Read more

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It's the answer to many questions since our surfskate/longboard epiphany a few weeks back. Lower in ride height than the other surfskate trucks - less tippy, allowing full function from the tail. ... Read more

Bristol, Longboard Scene and Events -

Embrace 20 years of Bristol longboard tradition with us next Sunday 19th May. The legendary Bridge Valley Road, BVR, is closed to traffic from 0600 to 1430 for the Great Bristol Run. And the... Read more

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The keen eyed among you... Will have noticed we spent Saturday on surfskate shenanigans. Thank you to everyone who took the time to come by - especially with the weather forecast as it was! ... Read more

*Actually Tom and Ry have the solution... And it's Tregaron Freeride. This first appeared on our events calendar 10 years ago! A Welsh weekend of downhill skateboarding, without the uphill walking. Smooth tarmac,... Read more

I'm very sorry For bombarding you with such juicy new product offerings. We try to keep the newsletter full of complete randomness, but in springtime our brands don't leave us much choice. We eagerly... Read more

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It's always a good day When a new shape from Loaded Longboards arrives in the shop! Hot on the tails of the 21st Anniversary Vanguard (just one left!) we've got another... Read more

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There's a reason they're still going strong! With a delivery of juicy new Santa Cruz decks landing this week, we thought we'd drill down into just one of those reasons: Read more

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    Do you know of any eminent figures who suddenly reappeared around Easter time? I've got another one for you: it's me! Without wanting to spoil my upcoming annual PSA on tick bites, I have been engaging in some rest... Read more