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The simple pleasure of carving around on your longboard has never been more popular. At the cheaper end of the market there's a lot of "me-too" longboard completes without much to choose between them. Spend a bit more on a dedicated carving/cruising longboard setup, and things start to get a lot more interesting.

The Loaded Icarus and Lush Samba are two dedicated carving setups to come out for the 2017 summer season. They both aim to provide the best carving feeling out there, emulating the awesome turning sensation that you'll know if you surf or snowboard.

At face value, there...

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New Skate Product, Sabre Trucks -

Check out this quick, simple and effective footstop solution from Sabre Trucks!

Despite all the "proper" footstops you can get buy out there, we know quite a few freeride and downhill longboarders who prefer to just use a bushing instead. It's small, out of the way, isn't going to eat you if you land on it, isn't going to munch your shoes, and just about gives you enough grip for those monster toeside standups and predrifts.

This kit from Sabre is only £5.50, and it simply drops into one of your existing deck mounting holes. It comes with a proper stainless steel Imperial...

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Randomness -

When it comes to longboards, getting the size right is essential to getting the best longboarding experience. Unlike scooters rollerskates or rollerblades, the size of a longboard should not be primarily determined by the rider’s size. For seasoned longboarding veterans, handling a board is second nature regardless of its size, but for newcomers the size may be a little more important. The main determining factor of a longboard’s size should be what you want to use the board for. Unlike skateboarding, most long-boarders will not spend much time performing jumping tricks and flips however they will need to decide...

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Gurston, Longboard Scene and Events -

It felt a little like Camelot weatherwise - in that it rained all the way to Gurston, and then stopped shortly after we got there, and quickly developed into a lovely warm day, with a healthy tailwind that swiftly and completely dried out the track. And then, just as we had everything nearly packed away, it started raining again!

However, despite the vagaries of the weather, and the track being used by farm machinery since the autumn, the surface was surprisingly good once dry, and enabled some excellent times to be achieved.

The hill saw a record number of...

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Longboard Scene and Events -

Events are the heart of the longboard scene! We have been supporting and organising UK longboard events for as long as we can remember.

We encourage everyone who buys any longboard-related stuff from us to get to events wherever they can - they're a great place to meet other longboarders and like-minded people.

So we're now putting a little flyer in every single order that we ship with all the latest upcoming UK longboard events on to spread the word as far and wide as possible!

If you have an event that you want to submit, please email us and we'll...

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Tikibrakes -

We've had TikiBrakes longboard footbrake soles in stock for a while now.

We've been asked a few times for a tutorial on how to glue them on - so we made one! Click here to check it out.

You can buy TikiBrakes from us here in 6mm or 8mm thicknesses. As skated by the UK's top downhill dudes!

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We had a fun skate in our local multi-storey last night with the Bristol Longboard Society.

Multi-storey car parks make for great skate spots to dodge the British Winter - it may be cold, but at least it's dry!

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Bristol Longboard Shop News, Longboard Scene and Events -

There's a multi-storey skate going on this Sunday night, a last pre-Christmas get together for the Bristol Longboarding Society. Come on down for some late night longboarding good times! Facebook event here.

We're also open this Saturday (17th December) from 10.30am - 1.30pm. Stop on by to check out all our latest longboard product goodness and stock up those stockings!

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Cult Wheels, Hackbrett longboards, Sabre Trucks -

Check out this custom Hackbrett Schnelle complete we just built for a customer in the South West! Ready to shred with Sabre Forged Precision Trucks and Cult Raptures.

Like all orders over £100, this gets a Free Vandem Tshirt and a ton of stickers...

Give us a shout if you want your own unique custom longboard... we can do pretty much anything you want!

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