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Bristol Longboard Shop News, https://goo.gl/maps/CLHNNDh5psiWDNfi6 -

Great kit; most excellent advice; friendly, fast service. Best, most knowledgeable longboarding shop I’ve found.

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About six months ago, we got a bit obsessed with reducing the amount of plastic that we ship in all our orders.

Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing tape - all plastic. All single use, and all likely to end up in a landfill - or worse, the ocean.

So we set out on a mission to reduce or eliminate single use plastic from the shop and our packaging wherever we could.

  • We switched to paper packing tape rather than the conventional plastic stuff.
  • We stopped using shrink wrap and got creative with DIY cardboard spacers.
  • We stopped using plastic document envelopes, and put...

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D-Street, Longboard Reviews, New Skate Product -

We're stoked to be stocking this range of minicruiser boards from UK longboard and cruiser brand D-Street!

Since the Penny Mini Skateboard Revolution kicked in a few years ago, there's a lot of boards like this on the market - but we think these are about the best of the bunch.

What makes D-Street boards stand out?

As well as some nice understated graphics and finishes, these boards are set up how we like our mini cruisers - turny!!

The trick to setting up a rad mini cruiser setup is to get the...

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When we're talking to a customer in the shop about a pintail, drop through or cruising longboard, we often find ourselves explaining the difference between a cheaper setup and a more expensive setup.

To the untrained eye, there's often very little difference - especially when shopping online.

However, if you come into our shop, get a closer look and stand on a few different setups, it becomes obvious that you get a lot more bang for your buck with higher-priced setups.

There's a lot of differences - better quality wood and finish, faster urethane, faster wheels and bearings - but...

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We've just upped our game when it comes to free longboard stuff!

When you order over £100's worth of skate goodies from us, you can choose from either a Free Vandem Tshirt or a Free Sabre Bushing Kit!

Free Sabre Longboard Bushings

Sabre Bushing Kits come with four bushings and four washers - enough for a pair of trucks, or both ends of your board.


We believe that bushings are something that every longboarder should be experimenting with - and now we're giving you the chance to do so, for free!

You can choose from Sabre's SuperCarve (4x cone...

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Once upon a time, a customer walked into our shop in Bristol carrying a skateboard board she'd just bought from Sports Direct, who are about a mile away from us in town.

"My board is a bit slow," she said. "What do I have to replace on it to make it faster?"

We of course did what we would do for any customer - we did our best to help her out and had a good look at the board in question.

Wheels and Bearings

According to the Sports Direct website, this board comes with "high quality wheels and...

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Once upon a time, if you wanted a longboard, your only choice was a pintail.

Things have changed considerably these days, but the pintail is still a great choice for a cruiser or all-round longboard. With sexy curves, sleek lines and a long wheelbase, they give a mellow ride that carves great and looks good doing it.

We have quite a few pintails amongst all the other longboards in our shop, and with prices ranging from £50 up to nearly £500, it's easy to get lost. So we thought we'd put together this little rundown of everything we have to give you...

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How much is a longboard?

The cheapest complete longboards in our shop start at under £50 - but if you called us with the challenge of building you the most expensive custom possible, you could end up spending upwards of £400.

Why the huge difference?

A question we are often asked is: "How can you possibly spend that much on a longboard when £50 will do the job?"

We've taken three different price points of drop-through boards off the shelf to try to explain where your money goes.

The three longboards we selected are also all basically aimed at the same user - they're cruising/pumping/pushing/commuting setups. They're all...

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Bristol Longboard Shop News, Hackbrett longboards, New Skate Product -

We've just taken delivery some more Hackbrett decks!

We now have:

Das Schnelle downhill/Freeride deck. This is a super-fun DH board with a kicktail, some real nice 3D concave, and loads of other features like flat truck seats and CNC details. The 2018 version is a little bit narrower than last year's which makes the deck a bit more nimble and the rails a bit easier to get your feet over.

The Krokodil symetrical freeride/slide deck - basically two Schnelle noses stuck together to create a perfect shorter twintip slide setup

The Balance Pintail in Walnut - one of the sexiest looking...

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