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Did you know That nearly every Axolotl in Europe is descended from the same female imported from Mexico in 1863? That makes her the daddy. In the case of the beautiful skateboard in the above photo, the father is similarly traceable - this time... Read more

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How tall is the stack of wheels? No really, how tall? Email me. Closest answer before next weeks email wins a Christmassy package... But what's special about them? For me, a longboard always had 70mm wheels. It just seemed to... Read more

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Dear Rich & Danielle, We are having a lovely time here in Freiburg and are full of Käsespätzle, Butterbrezeln, Bier und frische Luft!We left the trip a bit late in the year to bomb any of the real mountain roads, they're all wet. A sprinkling... Read more

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You can't rush art. OK, I did rush this editing and I wouldn't necessarily call it art... But the point stands! And carving is an art form. ... Read more

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What are you burning this weekend? More than 400 years ago, Guy Fawkes had a few bones to pick with the government. As I understand it, he had relatively simple demands: Fix the shoddy road surfaces that rattle his bearings to bits Fix... Read more

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We shred every day.* Usually cardboard. It being halloween, we thought we'd jam Matt through the shredder too... ...MattGPT is far more efficient. The prices? We rarely shred those. But, between you and I, the wider outdoor leisure market... Read more

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You asked... We delivered. Now you too can metamorphose into a beautiful butterfly. Loaded Recommended Completes now available at Vandem. What were we selling up til now, then? For years we've been building up the Loaded decks with undercarriages... Read more

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It's been almost a year Since the infamous Vandem break-in caught on CCTV. We were left with many questions, such as Where did you get those awesome suits? How did you get these surfskates feeling that good? But despite the bushing... Read more

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Taken any nibbles out of yours? I love helmets.* I saw the egg helmet demonstration as a child. Though impressed the egg didn't break, I was there for chaos,... Read more