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iasdfiiawenlaweofidsdzhwyesfrgsdahhhhh is how my brain feels when I try and work out how to fit in everything I want to do this summer. To help me, I've compiled a little list here of things happening in and around the shop. Please do join for any... Read more

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*And equal pay. Double whammy! And I don't mean Lucy and Tilly, though they do make a formidable force. No - in a shock occurence, todays post covers two topics. Most important first. It was International Womens Day this week. Keeping it close to home, whilst... Read more

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We've had a few emails now... Regarding the clear grip on most of the Arbor cruisers and surfskates. As you may have noticed from our run of surfskate emails and Read more

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To be brutally honest... I wasn't feeling that inspired by the growing surfskate trend in the UK and Europe. My longboard goes great, I can smang my cruiser around town, what more could I need? Well,... Read more

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Absolute bedlam in here today.Last night we had some late night intruders make it into the shop. The whole thing is on CCTV but the identities are... somewhat hard to make out.See for yourself: 

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Let's face it. Deep down, we all want to be this guy... And in our ever-evolving quest to help you achieve your dreams, we are Read more