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Make new friends with help from Vandem


is how my brain feels when I try and work out how to fit in everything I want to do this summer.

To help me, I've compiled a little list here of things happening in and around the shop.

Please do join for any and all that appeal to you.

Not in Bristol but feeling like some of this is a good idea? Check out our:

There are weekly sessions going down for the dancing and freestyling, sliding and downhilling and general city cruising amongst you too.

Keep an eye on our events page, we're adding things all the time from ourselves and from further afield.

If this email arrived at your work address, may you not read it until Monday.
Matt @ Vandem


Smiles for miles at Brunel Way pumptrack. Expect more of this on Sunday, with more dates still to come.


Rich (2005) has always had a mean bert slide on him. Hoping to see some more of this on a surfskate soon, but for now - send good vibes his way after a car decided to pick a fight with him as he cycled home from the shop last week. 


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