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Greetings one and all! The Christmas period is over and, for better or worse, we are left with the consequences: Complete disinterest in another Quality Street Casual interest in when to put out the bins Lots of newcomers to skateboarding and this newsletter If you're... Read more

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Save the date! For anyone who's been hiding under a rock - I myself have been known to hide under rocks - the Bristol Board Meeting is the longest running, most inclusive longboard event in the UK. If you missed it last... Read more

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Greetings one and all! And a happy new year to you.We hope you're rested and feeling fresh. We're open again and the newsletter train is coming up to steam... but first, after some confusion in the shop today we've decided to come clean... The break-in by Read more

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Local Bristol brand Lush Longboards have been running since 1999. I can say for sure that I wouldn't be longboarding if it wasn't for their presence many moons ago.They've run been running events, supporting riders and designing gear non stop for over 20 years. Through covid, things... Read more