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Bristol Board Meeting 2023

Save the date!

For anyone who's been hiding under a rock - I myself have been known to hide under rocks - the Bristol Board Meeting is the longest running, most inclusive longboard event in the UK.

If you missed it last year you missed a real treat! If you made it - thanks for making it such a treat:

From under 10s to over 60s, first timers and old timers alike came together to raise almost £3000 for Macmillan thanks to copious donations from you all, and from the generous raffle sponsors.

This year, the Bristol Board Meeting is going ahead on the 9th September.

We've booked the sunshine already, and that pumptrack at Hillfields where we all met before skating into town? They're building another one right next to it!

This event is a rite of passage for us Brits, and the highlight of our year (can you believe it's been a decade since the last Vandem Freeride?). Book it into yer Google calendar now - you don't want to miss out.

And hey - there's only 6 weeks until the clocks change,
Matt @ Vandem

To follow up the pumptrack board guide from last week, we've got lots of good surfskate info incoming. Rich took this majestic shot of Rob coming back from some burgling on one of the Landyachtz surfskates. As a getaway skateboard, he prefers this to the super-tight turning Carver trucks setups which excel in tight spaces and for surf-style moves. Oh and don't worry, he'd actually been to the post office.

We've got a full compliment of demo surfskates available to try now - Arbor, Santa Cruz and Landyachtz. We no longer walk anywhere in the shop and we ripped up the office carpet to have more space to skate... you could say that we're testing them pretty comprehensively.


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