Pumptracks Updates

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iasdfiiawenlaweofidsdzhwyesfrgsdahhhhh is how my brain feels when I try and work out how to fit in everything I want to do this summer. To help me, I've compiled a little list here of things happening in and around the shop. Please do join for any... Read more

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Pumptracks and free decks? Time to catch up on a few promises from last year! Regular readers may remember a brief look at pumptracks that we took last September, with a promise of more in-depth content to follow. Well 5 months later -... Read more

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What's about these pumptracks, then? Usually, longboard pumping is a horizontal motion along a level plane.Pumptracks turn that on it's side - it's all up and down - and they're popping up everywhere!Fantastic fun in themselves, and a great way to get into skating transition for those... Read more