Orangatang Wheels Updates

New Skate Product, Orangatang Wheels -

We're now stocking the 2nd generation Orangatang Freeride wheels!

Click here to check them out.

Orangatang Wheels UK

Left to right is the Keanu 66mm, the Kilmer 69mm, and the Cage 73mm.

All these wheels feature a big core, stoneground running surfacerounded edges and narrow-ish contact patch, which gives an easy slide from new. (Check out our wheel guide for more info on all that...)

The Cage is pretty big for a longboard wheel these days, so watch out for wheelbite. On a drop-through or cutaway board it'll be a real nice cruising wheel with a bit more...

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Hackbrett longboards, Loaded Longboards, New Skate Product, Orangatang Wheels, Root Longboards -

We are stoked to have taken delivery of a selection of Loaded Longboards and Orangatang Wheels product in the shop!

Unlike many other UK longboard shops, we are actually holding stock of these boards and shipping them ourselves rather just being another web reseller. This allows us to build sick custom setups for you, and also make sure that quality is up to scratch before anything leave the shop.

You can have a look at Orangatang Wheels here and Loaded Decks here -...

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Hackbrett longboards, Loaded Longboards, Lush Longboards, Orangatang Wheels, Root Longboards -

Not only do we have the latest Lush Longboards Decks and Completes in stock this week, but we have also aquired a pair of super rad full-size leather couches to go with them!

Come down to the shop and marvel at the comfort...

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