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Free skate stuff!

1. Get to the Bristol Board Meeting

2. Skate with us along the bike path into Bristol
3. Find me, Rob or Rich on the way and buy raffle tickets
4. Conduct a ceremony to bring luck into your life
   4.a. We respectfully request that no animals are sacrificed in the shop
   4.b. Dances are ok
5. Win loads of tasty skate gear!

Pictured are all the goodies that have been sponsored by Loaded Longboards, Orangatang Wheels and Arbor Longboards. A big thank you to these legends. We'll have more to show you next week when the postman treats us again!

We've had a few questions regarding the event so here's a very short FAQ to put your mind at ease.

- I'm a beginner, can I join?

  • Yes! It's almost 100% flat, and there will be skaters of all abilities and ages around you. Tips are shared, friends are made. And if you're not that confident in the first mile, you'll be feeling a whole lot better by the time we arrive in Bristol. That's a promise!

- What wheels are best?

  • Big and soft will be the most comfortable over the distance - but wheelbite isn't comfortable at all. That is to say, the biggest that will fit under your board. I like the Cult Cultrons for that steamroller feeling, and the biggest we've got is the Orangatang Caguama. Huge.

- I'm 5 years old, can I come?

  • Sure, if you think you're brave enough! We've had 5 year olds along before - just bring a boring adult with you!

- What board should I ride?

  • The one you've got! If you have a choice, go for something low to the ground. Check out our drop-through collection to see what this looks like.

- Where's the free skate stuff?

  • The raffle will be at Vandem Longboard Shop once everyones worn themselves out at the pumptrack.
  • You can also win by raising the money - download the sponsorship form here and start hassling your colleagues!

Only two more posts to go until the event! See you soon,
Matt @ Vandem

If I could choose one board from the shop to make this skate as easy as possible, it'd be something like this. The Lush Dart - drop-through so its low, but short so it's nimble and fun to play on. I reckon it'd get around the pumptrack too.
Other drop-throughs are available.

Because I'm curious if anyone reads down this far. Here is a picture of a fist.
The first person to come in and fistbump it will win eternal glory, a whole lot of weirdness, and a nice little discount off their purchase. Their heart will also be very warm.


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