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Apologies... To anyone who had to wait an extra day for their order this week. Whilst the shop survived the flooding unscathed, local schools being shut meant that daddy daycare briefly took precedence over shipping. But every cloud has a silver lining, and... Read more

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Greetings one and all! The Christmas period is over and, for better or worse, we are left with the consequences: Complete disinterest in another Quality Street Casual interest in when to put out the bins Lots of newcomers to skateboarding and this newsletter If you're... Read more

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What are you burning this weekend? More than 400 years ago, Guy Fawkes had a few bones to pick with the government. As I understand it, he had relatively simple demands: Fix the shoddy road surfaces that rattle his bearings to bits Fix... Read more

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We shred every day.* Usually cardboard. It being halloween, we thought we'd jam Matt through the shredder too... ...MattGPT is far more efficient. The prices? We rarely shred those. But, between you and I, the wider outdoor leisure market... Read more

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Grab yourself a bargain... It's become markedly wintery already. At walk time the dog went and hid, and when I went to grab my skateboard I saw the same look in its eyes. It's crusty, crunchy bearing eyes. It's been lovingly abused all... Read more

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*Grabbing of Danielle or Matt will not be tolerated What's more exciting? The fact that you could be the proud new owner of all of this skate gear for a mere charitable donation by way of raffle tickets... Or the prospect of skating with... Read more

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Precision noun The quality, condition, or fact of being exact and accurate. LONGBOARD Product, especially trucks, designed to the highest level of accuracy, guaranteeing smoother turns, more stability and dopamine of previously unattainable levels.   And it's not only the dopamine that's more attainable... Read more

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The one time you'd expect a joke... And we're coming at you with some serious steals. First up, the Loaded Tesseract. Last time we had these in, you snapped up all of the remaining UK stock! We've been waiting patiently for... Read more

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I was sat in traffic the other day. It's probably why I got run over. As the famous saying goes... Work sucks, go longboarding! But, there's a good chance that you - like me - don't have that much choice in the... Read more