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When we're talking to a customer in the shop about a pintail, drop through or cruising longboard, we often find ourselves explaining the difference between a cheaper setup and a more expensive setup.

To the untrained eye, there's often very little difference - especially when shopping online.

However, if you come into our shop, get a closer look and stand on a few different setups, it becomes obvious that you get a lot more bang for your buck with higher-priced setups.

There's a lot of differences - better quality wood and finish, faster urethane, faster wheels and bearings - but...

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How much is a longboard?

The cheapest complete longboards in our shop start at under £50 - but if you called us with the challenge of building you the most expensive custom possible, you could end up spending upwards of £400.

Why the huge difference?

A question we are often asked is: "How can you possibly spend that much on a longboard when £50 will do the job?"

We've taken three different price points of drop-through boards off the shelf to try to explain where your money goes.

The three longboards we selected are also all basically aimed at the same user - they're cruising/pumping/pushing/commuting setups. They're all...

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Like all forms of longboarding, longboard dancing has been evolving steadily over the last few years. Inevitably, more complex tricks and combinations have increased the need for specialised decks to dance on.

There's now a huge selection of longboard dancing decks out there, but we've picked two of the classics to help you choose - the Loaded Bhangra and the Lush Legend.

Both of these decks have been around for a long time. They've evolved from tons of rider input over the years specifically for dancing and flatland tricks. They're both quite expensive, but then we're in...

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The simple pleasure of carving around on your longboard has never been more popular. At the cheaper end of the market there's a lot of "me-too" longboard completes without much to choose between them. Spend a bit more on a dedicated carving/cruising longboard setup, and things start to get a lot more interesting.

The Loaded Icarus and Lush Samba are two dedicated carving setups to come out for the 2017 summer season. They both aim to provide the best carving feeling out there, emulating the awesome turning sensation that you'll know if you surf or snowboard.

At face value, there...

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We've just got a delivery of the Lush Longboards Legend back in stock - good job too as this board has been flying out the door recently!

The Legend is Lush's stab at a dancer. It's designed to be light, flexy, and long enough for all your fancy footwork and flips tricks.

The construction of this board features Lush's X-Flex Construction. A composite of Canadian Maple and directional Fibreglass buried in the deck, this board has insane pop for it's size and a whole load of energy...

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Build to special request is this unique custom Lush Longboards Symbian 3D. Featuring Sabre Forged Precision 190mm trucks, Cult Emperors, Sabre ABEC 7's and Vandem Extra Coarse Griptape, this was definitely a pleasure to build!

We can build any deck up however you want - just get in touch on the phone, email or online chat function and we'll get back to you with a...

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Not many skateshops can boast wall art like this! The pride of the Vandem Longboard Shop collection is this 5ft long Lush Longboards "Kisiwa," handmade in Sheffield, signed by Cliff Coleman and Sergio Yuppie when they visited the UK back in 2005.

Stop by the shop sometime and check out the rest of our fleet... kettle's on!!

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A customer came into the shop the other day and bought a Lush Longboards Symbian 3D in "kit" form as he wanted to do his own griptape job with some coloured tape we had knocking about in the workshop - we were blown away by the result!!

If you've got something special in mind, stop by the greatest longboard shop in Bristol for a chat or get in touch!

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These two dropped into the shop the other day to pick up a Lush Longboards Legend X-Flex and a D-Street Mini Cruiser, needless to say they were both super stoked on their new rides!!

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