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A longboard is for life, not just for Christmas

Greetings one and all!

The Christmas period is over and, for better or worse, we are left with the consequences:

  • Complete disinterest in another Quality Street
  • Casual interest in when to put out the bins
  • Lots of newcomers to skateboarding and this newsletter

If you're new here, this one's for you. (Scroll down if you're old here).

This is not a standard sales catalogue, but a newsletter in the true sense of the word. We aim to provide endless inspiration, subtle humour and a sense of community.

I don't usually take it this far but Dave and Tom bought boards just last year, and now I steal their Christmas photos for use in my newsletters! Cheers Dave.

Your board, be it new or old, will not last forever. But there are a few things you can do to have it last as long as possible. Find out more here:

For you crusty old-timers who know it all and were paying attention to our December newsletter full of old-school skate movies to watch over Christmas...

The 2005 DVD "SLIDE" from Lush Longboards has now been uploaded to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

Caution is advised: if you watch the whole thing I can guarantee you'll be coming back for some slide gloves and crawling Google Maps for some of those hills in the Peaks...

See you on the hill,
Matt @ Vandem

Ahh winter skating in the UK. It's a special flavour and can be a lot of fun... but it takes its toll on your setup. We've got all the spares we can think of. If we don't have something you need, let us know!


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