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Riptide Bushings Updates

New Skate Product, Riptide Bushings, Sabre Trucks -

We've been adding to our bushing selection recently!

We now stock Riptide, Sabre and Bones longboard and skateboard bushings in a huge variety of shapes and durometers.

We recommend that you pick your formula first, depending on how much rebound you want. We reckon that Riptide's Krank Formula is the most lively, followed by Sabre, then Riptide's WFB is the least lively.

In terms of lean it's the other way round - WFB is the formula to go for for maximum lean and turn, then Sabre is a bit less leany and then Krank is the most bouncy so...

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New Skate Product, PSD Footstops, Riptide Bushings -

UK distance and slalom skater Tim Pritchard came up with these rad little toestops a few years ago, and recently partnered up with Riptide Bushings to get his designs made from their super-durable 60D urethane.

We rock these footstops with pride on a variety of our own shop setups, can't recomment them enough. Choose the smaller (and cheaper!) Mini In&Out for slalom, hybrid, freeride and cruiser setups where less stop is needed, and for downhill and maximum footlock you can use the classic "InSide"...

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New Skate Product, PSD Footstops, Riptide Bushings -

We are super stoked to be stocking Riptide Longboard Bushings!

We have a huge selection of the new Krank and WFB (World's Fastest Bushings) Formulae, in Cone, Barrel, Chubby (Eliminator or DH) and Fatcone (Kingcone or Freeride) Shapes.

Bushings are suprisingly technical - we recommend WFB to skaters looking for a lower rebound, more "damped" ride, and Krank for maximum return to center and ultra high rebound. We would suggest a barrel/barrel combo as a starting point, for more turn switch the top bushing to a Cone, and for more stability you...

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