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Riptide Bushings - in the shop now!

We are super stoked to be stocking Riptide Longboard Bushings!

We have a huge selection of the new Krank and WFB (World's Fastest Bushings) Formulae, in Cone, Barrel, Chubby (Eliminator or DH) and Fatcone (Kingcone or Freeride) Shapes.

Bushings are suprisingly technical - we recommend WFB to skaters looking for a lower rebound, more "damped" ride, and Krank for maximum return to center and ultra high rebound. We would suggest a barrel/barrel combo as a starting point, for more turn switch the top bushing to a Cone, and for more stability you can swicth out the bottom bushing for a Fatcone or a Chubby.

Give us a call or stop in the shop if you want more advice - we could nerd out about bushings and longboard truck setup for hours....!


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