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How much can tools differ, really? I'm glad you asked! Having these things in our hands every day, we feel qualified to comment. And having read this week that our arteries are full of microplastics qualified this as an opportune moment to make that... Read more

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To be brutally honest... I wasn't feeling that inspired by the growing surfskate trend in the UK and Europe. My longboard goes great, I can smang my cruiser around town, what more could I need? Well,... Read more

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We're stoked to be stocking this range of minicruiser boards from UK longboard and cruiser brand D-Street! Since the Penny Mini Skateboard Revolution kicked in a few years ago, there's a lot of boards like this on the market - but we think... Read more

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When we're talking to a customer in the shop about a pintail, drop through or cruising longboard, we often find ourselves explaining the difference between a cheaper setup and a more expensive setup. To the untrained eye, there's often very little difference - especially when shopping online. However, if you... Read more

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Once upon a time, a customer walked into our shop in Bristol carrying a skateboard board she'd just bought from Sports Direct, who are about a mile away from us in town."My board is a bit slow," she said. "What do I have to replace on it... Read more

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How much is a longboard? The cheapest complete longboards in our shop start at under £50 - but if you called us with the challenge of building you the most expensive custom possible, you could end up spending upwards of £400.Why the huge difference? A question we are often asked is: "How can you possibly spend that... Read more

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The "new" Santa Cruz boards are worth a special look. The Cruz Missile II concave was developed in the eighties to hit vert and transition. We like both of those things, so we were stoked to see Santa Cruz bringing it back in their latest line of reissues!... Read more

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Like all forms of longboarding, longboard dancing has been evolving steadily over the last few years. Inevitably, more complex tricks and combinations have increased the need for specialised decks to dance on. There's now a huge selection of longboard dancing decks out there, but we've picked two of the... Read more

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The simple pleasure of carving around on your longboard has never been more popular. At the cheaper end of the market there's a lot of "me-too" longboard completes without much to choose between them. Spend a bit more on a dedicated carving/cruising longboard setup, and things start to get a... Read more