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Product Breakdown: The Skate Tool

How much can tools differ, really?

I'm glad you asked!

Having these things in our hands every day, we feel qualified to comment.

And having read this week that our arteries are full of microplastics qualified this as an opportune moment to make that comment.

But before the material comes into play, there's a lesser-known feature that elevates certain tools above others: bearing saving.

Our go-to tool in the shop, therefore, is the Independent Skate Tool.

Bearing saver, no plastic, no fuss. Less pocketable, but ours tends to stay out on the counter, anyway.

But you know we're diving deeper than that. We've drawn up a super comprehensive, highly scientific list of criteria by which skate tools can be ranked to give you all the information with which to make your own decision:

Smoking is bad for you.

I'll be honest, I don't know the full breakdown of the ecological production cost of each one... but in general if something lasts longer and won't contribute to my pancreas being full of plastic, then I reckon it's a good place to start.

In other news, an awesome new product line has just arrived in the shop which I'll bring you next week when we've done the photography... In the meantime, I can give you a clue: They sh*t in the woods.

Keep those nuts tight,
Matt @ Vandem

An even lesser-known fact: I have never owned a skate tool. There are two reasons for this:
- I've always worked in a skate shop
- I never tighten my nuts anyway
This has been known to infuriate legends at tech inspection (hello Olivier).
Don't be like me.


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