Short Longboards

Short Longboards

Maybe you'd like a full-sized longboard, but you're a smaller skater, or you just don't want to lug around that much wood all day.

Fear not! we've curated a selection of shorter and smaller longboards, that are still longboards, for skaters just like you. In a lot of ways, these boards are the perfect size for a lot of skaters... small enough to be quick-turning and useable in tighter urban environments, but with a bit more standing space and stability compared to a cruiser board.

What's a small longboard anyway?

For us, longboards start at 33" in length. We draw the line between a "short longboard" and a "full-sized longboard" at around the 36-38" mark - bigger than this and you're in another level up in terms of how the board feels and skates.

Don't forget that wheelbase is the dimension that really makes a difference to how a board turns, not the overall length.

Why would I want a shorter longboard vs a cruiser board or a bigger longboard?

Shorter longboards are still bigger than cruiser boards, so they're easier to skate as there's more board to stand on. They're also a bit more stable, perfect for beginners. Compared to a full-sized longboard, smaller longboards are lighter, more manoeuvrable, and less intimidating.

If you're in the market for something to cruise around on, a mini longboard is definitely worth a look!

What is the shortest longboard?

We draw the line between a skateboard and a longboard at around 32". Any smaller than this and you're definitely in cruiser boards territory - which is actually about the same size as a regular skateboard. Smaller than you might want if you are starting out!

What are small longboards good for?

Smaller/mini longboards are great for a whole load of reasons. 33"-38" is a great size for cruising, pumptracks, commuting, and just generally getting from A to B. Boards this long are definitely ollieable, and they hold speed a lot better than smaller cruiser setups.

Are mini longboards good for beginners?

Definitely yes! Mini longboards (33"-38") are a great size for adult beginners, with more standing space and stability than a cruiser board, but better turn response than a full-length longboard.

Are mini longboards any cheaper than full-sized longboards?

Short longboards are often slightly cheaper than a full-sized longboard, although a lot of brands use the same bigger wheels as you'd expect to find on full-length boards.