Lush Longboards Samba X-Flex

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Lush Longboards Samba X-Flex

THIS BOARD IS OUT OF STOCK UNTIL LATE 2024 - The board has been redesigned to carve harder than ever - we've ridden the final prototype and it's amazing. It Sambas harder than a Samba has ever Samba'd. However these things take time (and money) to make it from design to a production run. As soon as they're ready, you'll hear about it here and over on the Lush website.

If you want a longboard that turns and carves like crazy - look no further!

The Lush Longboards Samba is a unique setup that's designed to feel like a snowboard or surfboard. It's so different to everything else that it's almost "not a longboard!"

Built around low-angle Sabre forged baseplates "dropped up" into the deck, the Samba is all about lean. It has a very tight turning radius for it's size, and you can really crank it over as you would on a wave or in the powder.

It's a very thin, light and flexy deck, using Lush's "X-Flex" composite construction for maximum energy return out of carves.

Due to it's super-low ride height and mad truck angle/setup, this board is amazing for standup slides. Even the grippiest wheels will feel very controllable sideways!

This really is quite a step up in terms of turn performance, grip and board feel compared to your average carving setup - we really recommend that you step up to this setup if you can! Stop by the shop and have a roll on our demo one if you need convincing...

More info at

Lush Longboards Samba X-Flex: Elite Complete Spec

The Elite Complete is without a doubt the leaniest, carviest longboard ever!! It's built with a custom Sabre truck, made from the low angle baseplates, Sabre's Gravity Cast hanger, and Sabre X-Type SuperCarve Bushings. It ships with the grippiest wheels out there - the legendary Cult Cultron, and Sabre Built In Race Bearings to handle the crazy side-loads that carving this deep inflicts on the whole setup.
Length 35.5" / 90.2cm See similar length boards
Width 9.25" / 23.5cm See similar width boards
Wheelbase 28.5" / 72.4cm See boards with a similar wheelbase
Nose Length 3.3" / 8.4cm
Tail Length 3.3" / 8.4cm
Truck Mounting Drop through
Deck Flex Flexy
Concave Deep Concave
Deck construction Fibreglass, Maple
Profile Drop down
Wheel Wells Cutouts Wheel Wells

Useful Extra Info

Customise your ride!

We can change the truck bushings on this board to suit your weight and riding style!

This way your board will come set up perfectly for you, straight out of the box.

Just refer to the table below and make your choice as you add to cart!

Rider weightBushing Hardness
10 - 50kgsExtra Soft
50 - 72kgsSofter
72 - 90kgsStock Setup
90 - 104kgsHarder
104 - 120kgsExtra Hard
Skateboard Bushings

Some other things to consider...

  • If in doubt - go softer! Turnier boards are easier to balance on, and a lot more fun to skate.
  • If you are "between hardnesses," we would recommend the softer option. So for example, for a 73kg rider, "Soft" rather than "Stock Setup" might be a better choice. Get in touch if you're not sure!
  • if you want a very turny board - say for a dancing longboard - then it's worth going one stop softer than you otherwise would do. Watch out for wheelbite though!
  • Likewise, if you want a board for downhill speed, then go up a step harder than the weight table suggests.
  • You do have a bit of adjustment in the truck's kingpin nut, but we would suggest that if you have more than two threads showing then it's time to go to a harder bushing.
  • If you already have a board (or some trucks!) and you would like to change your bushings to suit your weight, check out our truck/bushing compatability chart!

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Dave V.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Great board.

Not skated much in years, as got more into surfing, or if commuting, just cycling around the place instead. I missed skating though, and went for the Samba as it promised to be a carvey board. Never really been into the speed, sliding or tech side of things, but instead aiming for flow and surf style skating. I had my reservations the first couple of short rides on it – when turning hard, even at low speed, the back end felt unsettled and on the edge of grip, on one occasion giving way abruptly and throwing me off. I was hoping for more grip from the Cult Road Warriors. In hindsight, I think it was a damp bit of tarmac partly to blame, but it’s still clear the board needs to be nursed through turns a bit when cranking hard, especially if the tarmac is rough or dusty etc. On the third skate, it started to click, as I relaxed my style and used more drawn out and fluid movements when carving, getting lower when digging into carves (along with getting used to the significant lean of the trucks). While I prefer to grip to slide, perhaps I just need to embrace the slide a bit, and with time and practice it could become a fun extra dimension to it. On gentle, wide slopes it’s a joy to use – feels far more progressive than ‘normal’ longboards, which are much more linear in how they carve down. The Samba really does feel like a snowboard carving down a mountain. A lot of that comes down to the Sabre Forged Trucks, which are just beautiful. Not cheap – and I was sceptical of them at first – but they don’t only look amazing, they provide such a smooth, precise and uninterrupted (and deep!) turn. The deck looks lovely, while having a nice flex to it. As others have mentioned, it’s no downhill board – the lean and flex combined make it a handful when speed picks up. The wheels are smooth and fast rolling and reasonably grippy. And the whole package oozes quality. While only 3 short sessions on it, can’t wait to use it more through Spring and Summer.

Charles J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Excellent Service

Adam offered excellent advice and encouragement! The board was delivered very quickly and arrived exactly as described. Now all I need is time to use it!! I strongly recommend Vandem Longboard Shop. Not because I’m an expert on longboards (I know almost nothing about them!) but because I appreciate enthusiasm, advice and service. All of these were provided without any need to ask and since it was my first contact with them, I must assume it is their automatic way of dealing with everyone. I wish them good fortune.

Frank L.
France France
Samba x-flex

Je me suis fait opérer de la clavicule il y a un mois donc je n'ai pas pu exploiter pleinement le potentiel de cette planche mais j'avoue ne pas avoir résisté à la tentation d'aller faire quelques tours avec sur des routes sans trop de dénivelé. Tout ce que je peux dire, c'est qu'elle est super agréable à rouler. Elle est très basse donc stable et facile à pousser, les roues Cult Rapture sont tout simplement super confortables et ont une accroche de fou et effectivement, cette planche tourne comme aucune autre, on se croirait sur un surf. Belle finition, les trucks Sabre sont magnifiques, ça respire la qualité... En résumé, c'est une super planche qui donne envie d'aller rouler, parfaite pour le cruising/carving/pushing et peut-être sliding (pas encore vraiment testé mais l'arrière a déjà décroché à faible vitesse en forçant un peu donc c'est prometteur), idéal en complément d'un longboard dédié au fast freeride. Merci Vamdem pour le contact, la rapidité de commande...excellent shop. I had an operation of the clavicle a month ago so I could not fully exploit the potential of this board but I confess not to have resisted the temptation to go for a few laps with roads without too much vertical drop. All I can say is that it is super nice to ride. It is very low so stable and easy to push, Cult Rapture wheels are simply super comfortable and have a hook of crazy and indeed, this board turns like no other, it's like a surf. Beautiful finish, the Saber trucks are beautiful, it exudes quality ... In summary, it's a super board that makes you want to go for a ride, perfect for cruising / carving / pushing and maybe sliding (not yet really tested but the back has already dropped at low speed forcing a little so it's promising), ideal in addition to a longboard dedicated to fast freeride. Thank you Vamdem for the contact, the speed of order ... excellent shop.

Olly I.
Samba x flex

This Board is insainly good. Being a snowboarder myself more than a skater ive found this board description to be spot on and the closest thing to a snowboard on land carves like a dream. 100% recomend this board and shop for new skaters and veterans. The customer service is outstanding although i didnt actualy speak to guys in store my product arrived right when they said it would in mint condition and with a little personalised note, which not gunna lie got me even more excited to go out on her

samba x flex

Just started longboarding a few weeks ago and was loving it. Now I got this board which brings the fun to a whole nother level. I was a bit concerned that this board might be too flexible for a beginner. But after talking to the guys on whatsapp that didn't seem to be an issue. Indeed when I received it the next day and tried it out I actually found that it was a lot more stable that my previous board, while at the same time just making it easier to turn/carve. It's really nice for commuting too, you kick it once and it just goes and goes. Very happy with it, and would 100% recommend, also if you're a beginner like me.

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