Skate & Longboard Truck Washers

Skate & Longboard Truck Washers

Choosing the right washers is the key to a good truck setup - and they're also some of the cheapest items you can buy for your longboard! If you bring your board in to see us you'll be amazed what we can do with it by simply changing the washer and bushing combo around to suit your weight and riding style.

Washers come in two varieties - Flat and Cupped.

Flat Truck Bushing Washers

Flat Washers are used to reduce return to center and allow the truck to turn more freely. They can increase turn and lean, and allow use of slightly harder bushings than you might otherwise run. You'll need a decent thickness of washer to stop it distorting as the truck turns - our flat washers are nice and thick to prevent this. Our regular flat washer suits Barrels and Cones, and our bigger diameter flat washer it made to fit Kingcone and Fatcone bushings.

Cupped Truck Bushing Washers

Cupped Washers will increase return to center and restrict your truck's lean as you really krank the board over. This can be a great way of avoiding wheelbite whilst keeping your trucks loose, and also for getting the most rebound from your bushings as possible. The deeper and thicker the cup washer, the more effect it'll have. We have cup washers to fit Barrel Bushings and Cone Bushings, so pick what you need and roll from there.