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If you want to tweak and adjust the way your truck turns, apart from changing bushings you can also swicth out your washers. Doing this can make a massive difference to how much your truck turns, leans, returns to center - so doing this is one of the best value ways of modifying your trucks!

Flat washers are just flat, with no capture.

We have two sizes available:

Regular Flat Washers are 22mm in diameter, and will fit all barrels on the market. It'll also be a pretty close match to most cone shaped bushings, check your bushings before you buy (A bit of overhang is usually fine). Regular cup washers increase lean and dive, and slow down the trucks "return to center," which can deaden over-lively bushings down a bit and create a more controllable, balanced turn. These washers are often used on the "roadside" bushing, you can either run a Cup Washer, XL Flat Washer, or no washer at all on the "boardside."

XL Flat Washers are 30mm in diamater, which will fit lager "boardside" bushings like Riptide Fat Cones or Chubbys, and Sabre King Cones. They provide a lot more support than not runing a washer at all, which increases return to center and provides a more stable platform for the bushing. Running an XL Flat Washer will restrict your trucks turn and lean a little bit, and can be equivilent to going up a stop or two in durometer.

All washers are sold in pairs. You need four to run washers top and bottom on both trucks. Get in touch via email or phone, or chat online if you need a hand with choice and setup!

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