Sushi Skate Ultimate Ninja T Tool

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Fantastic service, advice and great for a natter. Bought trucks, wheels, bearings, grip and rails to complete my difficult to buy for wide pool board. Will definitely go again next time I am in town!

Got loose nuts? Trucks too turny or to loose? You need a skate tool!! An essential item in every longboarder's bag, this will let you make those truck adjustments on the fly, tighten your hardware, or change your wheels over.

Fits both Allen head and Phillips head hardware, as well as your axle and kingpin nuts.

This is the new Sushi Skate Ultimate Ninja T-Tool featuring a new ergonomic shape with embossed logo and an improved easy to remove Allen/Philips tool. So no more frustrated fumbling around struggling  to get yer tool out! Other crucial features are.

  • 9/16 inch kingpin socket
  • 1/2 inch axle nut socket
  • 3/8 inch hardware socket
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen key

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