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Plastic Free Skateboards!

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Plastic Free Skateboards!

About six months ago, we got a bit obsessed with reducing the amount of plastic that we ship in all our orders.

Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing tape - all plastic. All single use, and all likely to end up in a landfill - or worse, the ocean.

So we set out on a mission to reduce or eliminate single use plastic from the shop and our packaging wherever we could.

  • We swapped our packing tape for a paper alternative.
  • We stopped using shrink wrap and got creating with DIY cardboard spacers.
  • We stopped using plastic document envelopes, and put our delivery notes, invoices and receipts in the box instead.
  • We stopped buying bubble wrap and started using thick corrugated cardboard to package our orders.
  • We made sure that we throw away as little cardboard as possible - a lot of your order will be packaged using boxes or material that we've reclaimed from our deliveries.
  • All our deliveries via DPD are carbon neutral, too!

We are not totally 100% plastic free yet - but we can definitely say that we don't add any plastic to anything we ship.



Sometimes a skate brand will send us product that's packaged with plastic - shrink-wrapped wheels, or bushings that come in a plastic bag. Some suppliers have changed their game - for example, Sabre Bushings all now come in paper bags instead of plastic ziplock bags, and Orangatang bushings and wheels are packaged in cardboard with no plastic. Taking things further, Landyachtz's "One Board One Tree" program attempts to reduce the impact of every one of their boards that leaves our door.



We've got a long way to go to get to zero impact. But we've been amazed at the amount of plastic we have managed to cut from our day-to-day operations. And by working with brands that put the environment first, we can make sure that your order gets to you with less impact than ever before.


  • i want my stuff in plastic please

  • This is awesome, will prioritise buying from you, I hate getting orders filled with single use plastics.

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