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How much can tools differ, really? I'm glad you asked! Having these things in our hands every day, we feel qualified to comment. And having read this week that our arteries are full of microplastics qualified this as an opportune moment to make that... Read more

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Greetings one and all! The Christmas period is over and, for better or worse, we are left with the consequences: Complete disinterest in another Quality Street Casual interest in when to put out the bins Lots of newcomers to skateboarding and this newsletter If you're... Read more

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It's been almost a year Since the infamous Vandem break-in caught on CCTV. We were left with many questions, such as Where did you get those awesome suits? How did you get these surfskates feeling that good? But despite the bushing... Read more

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Taken any nibbles out of yours? I love helmets.* I saw the egg helmet demonstration as a child. Though impressed the egg didn't break, I was there for chaos,... Read more

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Skateboarding sucks! "Skateboarding sucks so much! When you twist your ankle, you have to wait one month before you can skate again..." If you take one thing from this email, let it be the following video. One of my favourite pieces of skateboarding cinema... Read more

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Hint: It's not the lack of helmet... What I'm talking about is something different. Something smaller. Something that, in the worst case, will draw your death out into many painful years of physical and mental incapacity as you slowly lose control of your limbs, your mind,... Read more