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How to: Cure Crunchy Carver Trucks

It's been almost a year

Since the infamous Vandem break-in caught on CCTV.

We were left with many questions, such as

  • Where did you get those awesome suits?
  • How did you get these surfskates feeling that good?

But despite the bushing wizardry, a year later they're starting to feel a bit... crunchy.

Maybe it's all the bloody rust, mate?


And so, just as we have a guide on how to clean your bearings, we've now got a freshie online:

If you're riding these trucks, it's worth the time. They honestly feel even better than when they were new.

We took up the carpet in the office specifically to open up more lines to ride on these boards and I'm happy to report a full return to functionality in our indoor surfskatepark.

Plenty of demo boards round if you want to try for yourself...

...or jump straight in with 25% off Carver C7 completes, to celebrate us putting it back together without losing any bits.

Please email me any sketchy home remedies for a seized back you might have - as much as I love writing, it'd be cool to be able to walk again next week,
Matt @ Vandem

The Bing Continental was £300, now £224.95! Bing Copeland is a living legend, still shaping surfboards well into his late 80s. I'd love to get my hands on one of his longboards one day... but we'll have to sell a few more of these skateboards first.

Talking of legendary shapers... since 1969 Channel Islands has been there with the best of them under the watchful eye of Al - and now his son Britt - Merrick. This Black Beauty has been knocked down from £300 to £229.95. I'd grab it if I were you.


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