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Break in at Vandem

Absolute bedlam in here today.

Last night we had some late night intruders make it into the shop. The whole thing is on CCTV but the identities are... somewhat hard to make out.

See for yourself: 


These prehistoric perpetrators fortunately didn't take anything with them.

They actually spent hours fiddling with the setup of our demo surfskates, until they could make full loops in the shop.

Then they spent hours surfing the shop floor before taking off back to Pangea (I assume). All that was left in their wake was some seriously well set up surfskates.

Today, naturally, we've had to make sure that the changes meet our strict safety requirements: 


We got sooo pitted!!!

Here we are riding the Arbor Ryan Lovelace (brown) and the Arbor Tyler Warren (yellow) shapes with the Carver C7 truck - graciously donated into our (van)demo fleet by Shiner. Thanks Chris!

If we can make surfskates feel great for Pterodactyls then we certainly can for you, too. Give us a call if you want to get pumping round the Christmas tree!

The last orders that'll be shipped this year are on the 22nd December - if you want it for Christmas, please use DHL!

Matt @ Jurassic Vandinopark

The Lovelace - slightly longer wheelbase than the Tyler Warren and so slightly more controllable whilst still being able to absolutely rip a cutback in a small space.

We also have these from Landyachtz... super comfy foamy grip for the sand-between-your-toes feeling. The front truck pumps like crazy, and with this one you can feasibly skate to the shops, too. The others get a bit wibbly wobbly, but maybe we just need more practice.

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  • Is that a Doyathinkysarus?

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