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    Do you know of any eminent figures who suddenly reappeared around Easter time? I've got another one for you: it's me! Without wanting to spoil my upcoming annual PSA on tick bites, I have been engaging in some rest... Read more

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"Nobody is building boards this good" ...An easy claim, I thought to myself. I was fresh-faced, barely 17, and fresh off the bus in Freiburg. And these Hackbrett people, they seemed kinda kooky. Hack was driving an orange soft-top Suzuki Samurai adorned with Jägermeister... Read more

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Everybody loves stickers... Especially me! Which explains why, on a recent trip home, I found so many in my old sticker drawer. There are some classics in there - years old, rare, never seen before in the UK. But they're no use... Read more

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What's your job title? I've had many. After compiling the 50 images above, though, I wonder if Chief Barrel Scraper could be the most appropriate. All those ideas. What a... Read more

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Hopefully your shopping's done... ...because we're not shipping anything out now until we're back on the 2nd January. And I can't conceive of anyone wanting anything other than pure skate goodies! Read more

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The tree's up... The lights are on, and I can really no longer argue that it's too early for shops to be blasting Christmas music. It is a special time of year, though, and guilt-free hot chocolates and back-to-back films are not only acceptable, they're... Read more

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Who's there? Noah. Noah who? Noahny good festive crafts for the skater in my life? Why yes I do, please step inside...

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How tall is the stack of wheels? No really, how tall? Email me. Closest answer before next weeks email wins a Christmassy package... But what's special about them? For me, a longboard always had 70mm wheels. It just seemed to... Read more

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Dear Rich & Danielle, We are having a lovely time here in Freiburg and are full of Käsespätzle, Butterbrezeln, Bier und frische Luft!We left the trip a bit late in the year to bomb any of the real mountain roads, they're all wet. A sprinkling... Read more