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An Easter Miracle?



Do you know of any

eminent figures who suddenly reappeared around Easter time?

I've got another one for you: it's me!

Without wanting to spoil my upcoming annual PSA on tick bites, I have been engaging in some rest and recuperation in the sun for a few months.

Yes, those limited winter opening hours were my fault and while Rich was running around getting your orders packed, I was cruising home barefoot from the morning surf.


Now, due to feeling guilty (and Brexit), I am headed back to Bristol to pull my weight in the shop!

No longer are we "appointment only", but are back to a regular opening schedule:

Monday        12:00-17:00
Tuesday       12:00-17:00
Wednesday  12:00-17:00
Thursday      12:00-17:00
Friday           12:00-17:00

Saturday       Closed
Sunday         Closed

Can you only make it on the weekend? Let us know... it's being discussed!


Just one more...

Surfskates are often marketed with an "improve your surfing" rhetoric that I'm not 100% sold on.

I've just been surfing for a few months, so... has my surfskating ability improved?

Come and find out on the 27th April - we're hosting a surfskate meet in Bristol with plenty of friendly faces, demo boards and sunshine to boot.

Everybody is welcome.

Time to get the last of the van up together for an early start tomorrow.

See you on the other side,
Matt @ Vandem

*Not sorry


Come along for a wiggle.
Said nobody ever, until now.
We're bringing this beauty home, but it won't be for sale...
Handshaped surfboards by Float2Drift.


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