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Whether you like to go fast or slow... ...there's a longboard event that'll suit you, don't ya know. We can't recommend it highly enough. There's something special about jumping on the train with your gear to meet friends new and old. The years calendar... Read more

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Thanks, champs From the phone ringing all week in anticipation, Through train delays, no bacon sarnies and extreme heat, A hundred or more stoked, smiling faces in a park in Bath, And somehow even more of that, 16 miles later in Bristol. Thank you. ... Read more

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Summer's here - and just in time! Last weekend I got sunburnt. In Wales?! This weekend you'll be at risk too. In Bristol! Just in time, we've got the complete haul of prizes in for the raffle this weekend. Don't ask... Read more

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*Grabbing of Danielle or Matt will not be tolerated What's more exciting? The fact that you could be the proud new owner of all of this skate gear for a mere charitable donation by way of raffle tickets... Or the prospect of skating with... Read more

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What's a scratch worth to you? 5% off, 10%? I mean, they're sort of designed to be scratched, albeit not by the factory. What if it's just a bit of sharpie? How about 20%... Read more

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Thanks for all your responses last week! I know I said I wasn't looking at the weight data... but you are a trim lot, aren't you? If you missed it last week - fill in our bushing survey here. For these reasons.... Read more

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Under the harmless pretense of helping the local scene to get their boards cleaned up and rolling smoother than ever before, we began enacting a plan. A plan so bold that no longboard shop or manufacturer has ever dared before. Not content with offering a free... Read more

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From little kids last week... To big ones today. Last night we had our "Vandem Crafternoon". It was so very wholesome and - as it quickly became a Vandem Crafterdinner - I am so very tired, so this week's newsletter is simply a recap. The... Read more

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iasdfiiawenlaweofidsdzhwyesfrgsdahhhhh is how my brain feels when I try and work out how to fit in everything I want to do this summer. To help me, I've compiled a little list here of things happening in and around the shop. Please do join for any... Read more