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Bristol Longboard Shop News, Hackbrett longboards, New Skate Product -

We've just taken delivery some more Hackbrett decks!

We now have:

Das Schnelle downhill/Freeride deck. This is a super-fun DH board with a kicktail, some real nice 3D concave, and loads of other features like flat truck seats and CNC details. The 2018 version is a little bit narrower than last year's which makes the deck a bit more nimble and the rails a bit easier to get your feet over.

The Krokodil symetrical freeride/slide deck - basically two Schnelle noses stuck together to create a perfect shorter twintip slide setup

The Balance Pintail in Walnut - one of the sexiest looking...

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Bristol Longboard Shop News -

Vandem Longboard Shop has a new home!

We must be crazy moving this close to Christmas... but we've done it, and you can now visit us in our new premises at:

Arch 4, Berkeley Court Business Park
Bristol BS5 0BX

Click here for detailed directions by longboard, car or train.

We're still settling in, with a lot to do... there's more decks, trucks and wheels arriving over the next few days, we've still got to finish decking things out...

But we already have the essentials (ie a whole load of longboard stuff to choose from... and...

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Bristol Longboard Shop News, New Skate Product -

We've been stocking a small selection of old-school reissue decks, and wheels and trucks to go with them of late.

Popsicles have their place... but we're two old dudes in a shed with a ramp, and we want big, shapey skateboards that make us feel like it's 1987 again.

Like our longboard stuff, we're very picky about what we stock. We're only doing brands that we think are rad, and we're only doing things that we skate (or want to skate!) ourselves.

Basically we're like kids in a sweet shop.

Our stock is changing all the time, as we generally only get limited numbers...

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Bristol Longboard Shop News -

We had our friend Ben Williams in with us a couple of weeks back.

Ben is a super-talented graphic artist, we've worked with him before to do our Skate Or Pie Tshirt. So when he asked to do some stuff in the shop we were stoked to just let him loose and see what happened...


We've since been finding his drawings all over the workshop, but his biggest creation is this floor-to-wall skull trail that ends in a pool session:

Check out more of Ben's work at

Watch this space for more...

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Bristol Longboard Shop News, Hackbrett longboards, New Skate Product -

We've just taken delivery of a load of Hackbrett Longboards decks! More pf the giant Wasser pintails and some of the new 2017 Das Schnelle freeride/speedboards.

We've always offered these boards as custom completes, but you had to call us to order one.

Hackbrett boards built up with hand-picked undercarriage options to suit each board. So now it's even easier to own one of these beauties than ever!

Check out our full Hackbrett lineup here.


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Bristol Longboard Shop News, Longboard Scene and Events -

There's a multi-storey skate going on this Sunday night, a last pre-Christmas get together for the Bristol Longboarding Society. Come on down for some late night longboarding good times! Facebook event here.

We're also open this Saturday (17th December) from 10.30am - 1.30pm. Stop on by to check out all our latest longboard product goodness and stock up those stockings!

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Bristol Longboard Shop News, Longboard Scene and Events -

Every skater needs to have a little clearout every now and then... if your cupboards are anything like ours you'll know what we mean!

So we're having a Swapmeet on Saturday 5th November from 10.00-1.30 at our Bristol shop!

Just bring along any old skate gear and swap it with other skaters for something more useful.

We'll be on hand with tea, coffee and all the usual Saturday Morning Opening trappings... See you there!

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Bristol Longboard Shop News, Cult Wheels, Hackbrett longboards, Sabre Trucks -

Check out this custom Hackbrett freeride/downhill longboard setup going out today.

Hackbrett's "Das Schnelle" is a really well thought out take on the "speedboard with a tail" concept - good at 50mph, and also good for popping up and down kerbs on the way from A to B. Paired up with Sabre Standard 180mm's and Cult Wheels Centrifuge freeride wheels, and that's a whole lot of longboard for the of money!

We'll build anything...

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Bristol Longboard Shop News, Cult Wheels, Lush Longboards, Sabre Trucks -

Build to special request is this unique custom Lush Longboards Symbian 3D. Featuring Sabre Forged Precision 190mm trucks, Cult Emperors, Sabre ABEC 7's and Vandem Extra Coarse Griptape, this was definitely a pleasure to build!

We can build any deck up however you want - just get in touch on the phone, email or online chat function and we'll get back to you with a...

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