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_________ in the rain?


To anyone who had to wait an extra day for their order this week.

Whilst the shop survived the flooding unscathed, local schools being shut meant that daddy daycare briefly took precedence over shipping.

But every cloud has a silver lining, and all that rain gave us a nice idea for our newsletter:

Singing Dancing in the rain

I highly recommend trying it, but I can't guarantee you'll be as stylish as Charlie.

To give you the best head start, we're running a week-long discount on all our dancer decks and completes with savings up to 35%.

To access the discounts, use code:


And feel like Patrick Swayze is lifting your elegant form out of a lake of discontent into a future full of flow.

(For Lush dancers use code LUSHDANCING2024)

Available until midnight Monday 4th March and while stocks last.

Stay dry until then,
Matt @ Vandem

Rich has never looked back since grabbing a Lush Legend. You, too, could feel this good.
The Loaded Tarab II, available in two flexes. As good as it gets?


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