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About six months ago, we got a bit obsessed with reducing the amount of plastic that we ship in all our orders.

Bubble wrap, shrink wrap, packing tape - all plastic. All single use, and all likely to end up in a landfill - or worse, the ocean.

So we set out on a mission to reduce or eliminate single use plastic from the shop and our packaging wherever we could.

  • We switched to paper packing tape rather than the conventional plastic stuff.
  • We stopped using shrink wrap and got creative with DIY cardboard spacers.
  • We stopped using plastic document envelopes, and put...

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When we're talking to a customer in the shop about a pintail, drop through or cruising longboard, we often find ourselves explaining the difference between a cheaper setup and a more expensive setup.

To the untrained eye, there's often very little difference - especially when shopping online.

However, if you come into our shop, get a closer look and stand on a few different setups, it becomes obvious that you get a lot more bang for your buck with higher-priced setups.

There's a lot of differences - better quality wood and finish, faster urethane, faster wheels and bearings - but...

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New Skate Product, Sabre Trucks -

Check out this quick, simple and effective footstop solution from Sabre Trucks!

Despite all the "proper" footstops you can get buy out there, we know quite a few freeride and downhill longboarders who prefer to just use a bushing instead. It's small, out of the way, isn't going to eat you if you land on it, isn't going to munch your shoes, and just about gives you enough grip for those monster toeside standups and predrifts.

This kit from Sabre is only £5.50, and it simply drops into one of your existing deck mounting holes. It comes with a proper stainless steel Imperial...

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Check out this custom Hackbrett Schnelle complete we just built for a customer in the South West! Ready to shred with Sabre Forged Precision Trucks and Cult Raptures.

Like all orders over £100, this gets a Free Vandem Tshirt and a ton of stickers...

Give us a shout if you want your own unique custom longboard... we can do pretty much anything you want!

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New Skate Product, Riptide Bushings, Sabre Trucks -

We've been adding to our bushing selection recently!

We now stock Riptide, Sabre and Bones longboard and skateboard bushings in a huge variety of shapes and durometers.

We recommend that you pick your formula first, depending on how much rebound you want. We reckon that Riptide's Krank Formula is the most lively, followed by Sabre, then Riptide's WFB is the least lively.

In terms of lean it's the other way round - WFB is the formula to go for for maximum lean and turn, then Sabre is a bit less leany and then Krank is the most bouncy so...

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Sabre Trucks -

Want to make your longboard a bit lighter? Sabre Hollowlite Longboard Trucks are the way to go...

Featuring the same 48 deg/180mm geometry as the Sabre Standard Trucks, the Hollowlite version shaves 75g a pair off the weight whilst retaining all of the strength, stability and turn feeling that is Sabre's heritage.

We recommend these for almost al longboard cruising, carving, freeride and dancing setups - if you're coming from a cheaper complete with no-name trucks, they'll transform the way your longboard rides!!

Check them out in the shop here!

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Check out this custom Hackbrett freeride/downhill longboard setup going out today.

Hackbrett's "Das Schnelle" is a really well thought out take on the "speedboard with a tail" concept - good at 50mph, and also good for popping up and down kerbs on the way from A to B. Paired up with Sabre Standard 180mm's and Cult Wheels Centrifuge freeride wheels, and that's a whole lot of longboard for the of money!

We'll build anything...

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Build to special request is this unique custom Lush Longboards Symbian 3D. Featuring Sabre Forged Precision 190mm trucks, Cult Emperors, Sabre ABEC 7's and Vandem Extra Coarse Griptape, this was definitely a pleasure to build!

We can build any deck up however you want - just get in touch on the phone, email or online chat function and we'll get back to you with a...

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