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Way more Board Meeting Prizes!

Only one week to go!

We've added some more sponsors for the Bristol Board Meeting - check out the swag pile!!

We now have prizes from:

Arbor Collective
Lush Longboards
Loaded Boards
Cult Wheels
Sabre Trucks
Orangatang Wheels

Winning Instructions:

  1. Come to the event - 9th October at Green Park in Bath
  2. Find one of us
  3. Swap some money for raffle tickets
  4. Cross your fingers and other body parts whilst pushing your board for 13 miles
  5. Win stuff! But let's be honest, even if your numbers are't called, you'll have been to a huge longboard event with loads of other skaters, had a rad day and helped us raise a ton of money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Winner!!!

More from us next week... watch yer inbox... Rob & Rich @ Vandem (Matt is on holiday:)

PS we have made a "deliberate" mistake in this week's shop photo (above). Can you see what it is? The first person to spot it and reply to this email with the correct answer wins a free set of Lush Easy Rider Bearings... go!

See you next Sunday for an epic push!


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