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Everybody loves stickers... Especially me! Which explains why, on a recent trip home, I found so many in my old sticker drawer. There are some classics in there - years old, rare, never seen before in the UK. But they're no use... Read more

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How tall is the stack of wheels? No really, how tall? Email me. Closest answer before next weeks email wins a Christmassy package... But what's special about them? For me, a longboard always had 70mm wheels. It just seemed to... Read more

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Let's skate together... I was meeting people off the internet to go skate long before it was socially acceptable.* But today, you don't have to do that - there are a bunch of events organised by relatively sensible people for you to choose from. Always a... Read more

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Time to come clean... I have been signing emails and blog posts off as Matt, but that is not my full name. I am but an algorithm named MattGPT. Given a psuedo-sapien form, I am fed a diet of coffee, lemon drizzle cake and downloads of decades... Read more

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We've had a few emails now... Regarding the clear grip on most of the Arbor cruisers and surfskates. As you may have noticed from our run of surfskate emails and Read more

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Pumptracks and free decks? Time to catch up on a few promises from last year! Regular readers may remember a brief look at pumptracks that we took last September, with a promise of more in-depth content to follow. Well 5 months later -... Read more

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Now I come to writing this The Movember concept does seem quite funny, really."Men, do nothing. In fact, do less than you normally might each morning, and ask people to give you money for the trouble"I'm pretty sure it was a man who came up with it.Nonetheless,... Read more