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Big wheels for big smiles

How tall is the stack of wheels?

No really, how tall? Email me.

Closest answer before next weeks email wins a Christmassy package...

But what's special about them?

For me, a longboard always had 70mm wheels. It just seemed to be the thing.

And yet, with the explosion in popularity of soft-wheeled-skateboards in general, and more specifically commuting and long-distance riding, the choice out there above 70mm now is immense.

It would be wrong to delve into this topic without a nod to Mr Chris Chaput of Abec 11 who had the ideas and made them happen years before the urethane or skate community was quite ready.

He could also outpush a horse. Mongo.

Companies like Orangatang and Pantheon are continuing to develop these wheels so that they no longer feel like humungous lead weights on your truck, but accelerate fast and slide predictably.

Cores are being designed for strength and to match multiple e-board systems, urethane is being poured upside down with formula, depth and shape considered to give maximum rebound and minimum chunking.

Having pushed the length of the UK on standard 75mm wheels, albeit over a decade ago now, I'm a bit upset. Any of these would have made my life a lot more pleasant.

So, if you're an enjoyer of the wind in your hair as you cruise the bike path, sea-front or country lane, have a think about whether less pushing and more rolling would feel good to you. It may be time to add some big ol' wheels to your Christmas list.

I should add that they are more suited to drop-through boards! Not impossible on a topmount, but it makes for a tall ride height, adding effort to each push... exactly what we're trying to avoid.

If you're more of a regular sized wheel enjoyer, remember this week is the last week to get free bearings with any purchase of Cult Wheels.

It's good to be back home, but I did pick up covid on the plane. I hope your week has included less headaches than mine,
Matt @ Vandem

Santa Cruz. Manufactured by the orginal. Now, discounted by the original, too!


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