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On stickers

Everybody loves stickers...

Especially me!

Which explains why, on a recent trip home, I found so many in my old sticker drawer.

There are some classics in there - years old, rare, never seen before in the UK.

But they're no use to anyone gathering dust.

And so, what with it being winter, slow in the shop and skate content hard to come by, I'd like to present this year's first newsletter contest:

It's going to require more effort than the last one as it took me all week to reply to everyone.

To win a special sticker pack, you're going to have to go outside and sticker slap something.


With a Vandem sticker.*

Everybody wins - reply to this email with a pic or put it straight on Instagram and tag us.

Most amusing, creative, highest-above-sea-level, furthest-from-Bristol, honestly anything that impresses us or makes us smile will get the best stickers from the pile!

Just don't endanger yourself or others in the process.

Here's some inspiration to get you started:

  • Local skate and surf spots deserve a sticker
  • Someone else's local spots, even better
  • Car bumpers, classic choice
  • Police car bumpers... now we're talking!

Despite all this sticker love, we are considering our options for when it comes to throwaway promo like this. Stickers, by design, are 50% waste.

It hardly fits our personal or business ethos to produce more waste than necessary - hence we don't sell cheap boards made of cheese.

We're looking into soy-based sticker suppliers, but if anyone has any other ideas for more sustainable options please throw them our way.

But for now, the ones I've found in my drawer have already been produced. We can't take back that production cost, so...

Get slappin' guilt-free,
Matt @ Vandem

*If you don't have a Vandem sticker handy, there are still points available for any brand we sell in the shop, and even those that we don't. The main point is to get outside, be cheeky and have fun :)

The absolute treasure of the sticker drawer. Where it came from, I couldn't tell you.


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