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Testing our new AI blog functionality

Time to come clean...

I have been signing emails and blog posts off as Matt, but that is not my full name.

I am but an algorithm named MattGPT.

Given a psuedo-sapien form, I am fed a diet of coffee, lemon drizzle cake and downloads of decades of skate imagery and knowledge.

I can accurately describe the feeling of formation flying down a mountain pass at 60mph. I know intimately the hurt of hitting the floor at that speed. Modern technology really is incredible.

But what does it mean for you, loyal reader?

Well, even an omniscient being such as I can make mistakes.

Keeping a database of hundreds of products up to date with thousands of data points can be tricky - not least when my decision gates get encrusted in salty water each weekend as my computer-integrated barrel-dodging circuits are put to good use.

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to find my typos and product spec errors on the website and to let me know.

You shall be rewarded handsomely with discount codes.

This offer will continue to the end of time, or until I leave behind me bones that my motherboard made - whichever comes last.

Where to start?

Well, we just got our favourite delivery of the year in - developed, handmade and shipped to us with love from the Blackforest, Germany. They're worth a look, typos or not.

Thanks for helping keep the site shipshape,
MattGPT @ Vandem

The Hackbrett Semmel, a timeless classic shape with a comfy 2 stage concave.
There are so many faces that have made a huge impact on the longboard scene and design over the years, unsung heroes every one of them.
This board came from Hackbrett graphic designer come Landyachtz Europe meistro - master of stoke, driver of Lupo, winner of hearts Felix Druschel.
The first time I met him I wasn't sure about his moustache, then he early-grabbed a huge pile of horse poo on a snakey path and I decided: one day, I will grow a moustache like that. Thanks Felix ❤️


The Hackbrett Wasser. I don't really need to email about this one, they don't hang around. It just looks too good not to include.
Dr Hackenstein designed this as a downhill board. The regulations at the time said a maximum length of 120cm was allowed at an IGSA World Cup race.

He turned up with 130cm, the regulations were changed and up until the demise of the IGSA many years later, you could ride one of these.

Not many of us ever did as well as he did on it... but its the purest longboard feeling that exists on this planet. Thanks Hack ❤️


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